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How I Make Mid-Winter Cosier? Tips for a Warm & Relaxing Season from The English Countryside

As we find ourselves in the heart of Mid-Winter, it's the perfect time to explore some delightful ways to make these colder days feel a bit warmer. In this blog post, I’ll share with you some simple joys that brighten up my Winter. From peaceful walks in the beautiful English countryside to enjoying the warm glow of a favourite candle at home, and discovering charming, historic places on chilly days. Whether you’re out braving the cold or curled up indoors, there’s something for everyone. So let's enjoy the Winter season together and find those small pleasures that make a big difference! 

Winter Walks in the English Countryside

Winter in the English countryside has a special charm. It's the time for bundling up in cosy layers and enjoying walks in the woods. As I wander along paths lined with bare trees, there's a certain calmness in the air. These trees, standing still and restful, are nature's way of reminding me that it's okay to slow down and rest, just like they do. These moments, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and business, are perfect for some quiet reflection and enjoying a bit of peace. 

Creating a Cosy Home Ambience

Once my walk is done, there's nothing quite like returning to the warmth of my little home. As soon as I got home, I lit a candle - recently, the "Cosy & Warm" chocolate candle has been my favourite during the cold days of December and January. This candle is like a cosy blanket in candle form. The soft, golden glow and chocolate aroma are perfect for setting a relaxing, cosy mood on a chilly Winter day.

Indoor Adventures: Exploring Britain's Historic Treasures

For those who want to venture out, but want to avoid any rain or getting cold and prefer staying indoors, there's plenty of Winter magic to be found in historic places that are to be found all across in the UK in abundance. Great Britain is dotted with beautiful stately homes, medieval churches, and country manors that are open to the public. Exploring these grand old buildings ( like pictured Dyrham Park) is like stepping into a different world – one filled with stories and history, and thankfully, no Winter chill. It's a fantastic way to spend a Winter day, learning about the rich history of the place we're visiting and admiring the beauty of the past.

The Charm of Local Coffee Shops and Tea Rooms

Another of my favourite ways of making mid-Winter a little cosier is enjoying a hot beverage in some cosy tea room or coffee shop. These little havens are where you can find a comfortable corner to settle into, cradling a hot cup of tea or coffee. It’s the perfect spot to unwind, have a chat with a friend, read a book, or just watch as the world goes by outside the rainy window. It’s all about enjoying the moment, savoring the warmth of your drink, and taking in the cosy atmosphere. If possible, always aim to visit locally-owned small places, where you not only directly support small businesses, but they also often offer delicious food and cakes that are locally sourced and produced.

Making the Most of Winter’s Simple Pleasures

This Winter, embrace these simple joys. Whether it’s taking a stroll in the woods, lighting a "Cosy & Warm" candle, exploring historical treasures, or enjoying a hot drink in a cosy café, there are countless ways to find warmth and happiness in the colder months. Let’s make this midwinter a time to cherish and remember.

Adriana x

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