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"YR" stands for yoga rituals. We help you re-create the calming atmosphere of a yoga studio in the comfort of your home. Our beautifully scented soy candles and holistic pampering products are perfect, time-out treats for busy and stressed minds.
YR Studio fuses my love for yoga and candles. Due to long hours at work, we face rising levels of stress and have very little time for self-care. Creating relaxing rituals in the comfort of our own homes is one of the best ways of looking after our mental health.
YR Studio was founded by me, Adriana Mateusiak in 2018. Almost immediately it gained loyal customers and fantastic reviews.   
With the help of my partner, Andrei, we pour and label each candle by hand. We take pride in our product and the highest level of customer service.


I am a 31-year-old mum of two, I love books, long walks in the forest and cosy evenings at home. I have been burning candles since I was a teenager. I love their warm glow and sense of comforting cosiness they give.

I started practising yoga in my mid-twenties. I was looking for ways to relive work-related stress. Stepping on the yoga mat was one of the best things I ever did for myself. Today I feel that sharing this beautiful discipline is my moral duty.