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How to Enjoy Summer When You're an Autumn Person

How to Enjoy Summer When You're an Autumn Person

How to embrace Summer as an Autumn Lover - A Comprehensive Guide

Summer is a joyful time of long, warm days, golden fields, and the abundance of the natural world. Yet, as an Autumn girl through and through and an attentive content creator and business owner, I know that many of my readers and viewers find the intense heat and extroverted Summer vibes overwhelming. In my opinion, the crisp air, the sweet scent of pumpkin spice candles, and the cosy feeling of Autumn are unmatched.

As a person who practises slow living, I try my best to enjoy each season and I have learnt that Summer has its own unique charm and beauty, and it's up to us to put in the effort to notice it. I hope in this blog post I manage to help you shift your perspective a little and find ways to embrace the season, so that you can learn to enjoy Summer even if it’s not your favourite time of year. Here’s my guide on how to do just that.


1. Embrace Harvest Vibes

Our ancestors traditionally celebrated the beginning of the harvest at the start of August. Lammas marks the first harvest of the year, when we appreciate the first fruits, vegetables, and of course the hard work that went into growing them. Harvest is a reminder that the cold days of Autumn and Winter are coming, and it's time to gather supplies and prepare for them.

Harvest is a smooth connection between mature Summer and early Autumn, and for me, harvest decorations are an easy way to bring the first, gentle Fall vibes into my home.

Harvest Decor Ideas:

- Sunflowers
- Wheat
- Dried flowers
- Our "Farmhouse", "Hygge", and Apple Pumpkin Cider candles
- Squashes (in the UK, you can buy butternut squash all year round)
- Decorative "Farmers Market" signs
- Bouquets, garlands, and wreaths made of sunflowers, wheat, dried flowers

Harvest Activities Ideas:

- A walk in the fields, spotting tractors
- Baking bread
- Baking cakes with apples, pears, and/or cinnamon
- Buying yourself a wheat or sunflower bouquet
- Decorating your home with harvest decor
- Burning our cosy country living candles 

Shop in a Farm Shop or Farmers Market

Summer is a time when farmers’ markets are abundant with fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Shopping in a local farm shop will not only give you Gilmore Girl vibes but also support local businesses. You'll find yourself surrounded by the very essence of a harvest. Use the fresh produce to create delicious and nutritious meals for you and your family

Grow a Garden

Plant pumpkins and all sorts of squashes and watch them grow and mature as we're moving towards our beloved Autumn. It's a little late to grow them from seeds, but you can buy squash seedlings from your local garden centre and gently replant them in your garden.

If you don't have much space in your garden, welcome to the club. Pumpkins love space and lots of nutrients, but if like me you are restricted, try mini varieties that you can grow in pots. You can watch me replanting pumpkins in this vlog here

Decorate with Natural Elements

Incorporate natural elements into your home decor. Use items like wicker baskets, natural wax candles, sunflowers, wheat, dried flowers, and wood accents to create a cosy early Autumn-like atmosphere. These small touches can help bridge the gap between your favourite season and the current one.

Bake with Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Baking is one of my top cosy activities, as it evokes the comforting vibes of Autumn even in the heart of Summer. Use harvest fruits and vegetables that remind you of Fall. Apples, pears, butternut squash, and even pumpkins (whether fresh or canned) can be used in baking delicious pies, cakes, and breads. The process of baking and your home filled with delicious scents of baking cakes transport you to the cosy, warm feelings of Autumn.

Browse through my favourite cosy recipes on the blog

Another aspect of baking in Summer is that you get to practice before your favourite season. It’s perfect for those new to baking or trying a new recipe in preparation for the cosy days of Fall.

Burn Cosy Candles made in UK

Candles are such a staple Autumn decor, bringing warmth and light to chilly and dark Fall evenings. A simple but effective way to bring the essence of Autumn into your Summer days is by burning candles with scents reminiscent of cosiness and harvest, giving you early Fall vibes.

Fragrances like Apple Pumpkin Cider, Sugar & Spice, Chocolate, or Wood & Pomegranate instantly create an atmosphere of coziness. Lighting these candles creates a comforting atmosphere that feels like early Autumn, no matter how hot it is outside.

Shop our natural wax candles that bring coziness and warmth to your home all year round. SHOP HERE

Autumn harvest candles UK

2. Remember That Each Season Is Necessary

As a person who practises slow and seasonal living, I have come to the realisation that each season plays an important role in the natural world, and Summer has its place in the cycle of life. Reminding yourself of the importance of Summer can help you appreciate it more fully.

Growth and Renewal

Summer is a time of growth and renewal. Plants and trees flourish, animals are active, and the days are long and bright. This season’s energy is essential for the natural world’s cycle of life. By recognising this, you can start to see Summer’s beauty and purpose.

Personal Growth

Just as nature thrives during Summer, so can you. Use this time to focus on personal growth. Take up a new hobby, set health goals, or spend time with loved ones. Summer’s longer days offer wonderful opportunities to explore and grow.

Preparation for Autumn

Think of Summer as a preparatory period for your favourite season. The warmth and long, sunny days of Summer help pumpkins and leaves grow, without which we wouldn’t be able to experience the Autumn we love. The leaves on the trees first need to grow and be green before they turn the most beautiful shades of orange and gold. Pumpkin plants need time and lots of sun to eventually mature and give us our beloved orange fruits that we cherish so much and use to decorate in October and Halloween. By appreciating Summer’s role in this process, you can find joy in the anticipation of Autumn.

3. Try to Stay Cool: Schedule Activities Wisely

By reading your comments on my various social media, I have learnt that one of the biggest challenges for Autumn lovers during Summer is dealing with the heat. Fortunately, there are ways to stay cool and make the most of the season.

Early Morning and Evening Outings

If possible, plan outdoor activities for early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler. Go for a walk, hike, or bike ride during these times to avoid the midday, when the heat is often the worst.

Cool Indoor Activities

On particularly hot days, retreat indoors to air-conditioned spaces. A lovely idea is to visit museums, libraries, or cafes where you can relax and enjoy the day without overheating. Indoor activities like reading, crafting, or watching movies can also provide a pleasant escape from the heat. I know some of my US customers tend to close the curtains, put the AC on, and burn candles like it’s the middle of Autumn :D

4. Waiting for Autumn Is Part of the Fun

Anticipation can make the arrival of Autumn even more special. Did you know that I built a big part of my Instagram following thanks to my Autumn countdown videos? The excitement of waiting for your favourite season is a huge part of the season, and by finding joy in the countdown, we also become more aware of the passage of time.

I created Autumn & Halloween countdown page that tells you how long until your favourite time of the year - check it out!

Savour the Small Moments

Find small ways to incorporate cosy moments into your Summer. Enjoy a cup of iced tea, go for a forest walk, or light a hand-poured scented candle. These little touches can bring a bit of Fall cosiness into your daily routine and make the wait more pleasant.

4. Romanticise Summer

One way to enjoy Summer more is to romanticise it. By focusing on the joyful and beautiful aspects of Summer, you can learn to appreciate the season more.

Capture the Beauty

Summer is full of stunning scenery, golden afternoons, and light filtering through the canopy. Take time to capture this beauty through photography, painting, or simply appreciating it during a walk. The more you notice these moments of beauty and joy, the more you appreciate Summer’s aesthetic appeal

Create Special Moments

Plan cosy activities that you can do in the Summer. Drink iced coffee, go for late walks in the woods, or attend a Summer festival. These experiences will help you create memories and remind you that you can find joy and cosiness in Summer too.

Embrace the Relaxed Vibe

Summer often brings a more relaxed and carefree vibe. Embrace slow living and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Whether it’s reading a book in a hammock, going for a walk, watching your children play in the sand, or having a lazy afternoon in your backyard, these moments can make Summer feel more enjoyable.

A few final words

Summer can be a difficult season for many reasons. Excessive heat and endless invitations to social gatherings might be difficult if you are an introvert who prefers the cool days of Autumn. As a Fall person, you may never fully embrace Summer as your favourite season, and that’s okay. By finding ways to connect with the Summer season and appreciate its unique qualities, you can learn to enjoy it more. Embrace the harvest vibes, remember the importance of each season, stay cool by planning your activities wisely, enjoy the anticipation of Autumn, and romanticise the special moments of Summer.

Each season has its own beauty and charm. Embracing Summer doesn’t mean you’re betraying your love for Autumn; it simply means you’re finding joy in the present moment. With these strategies, you can make the most of Summer and find joy in the warmth and sunshine, even as you eagerly await the arrival of your beloved Autumn.

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  • As an autumn lover myself, these words were helpful and beautifully written. I am so glad that I recently discovered your lovely videos! Thank you Adriana!


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