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Cosy Ideas for Cold and Grey Winter (at Home & Outdoors)

January – a month when the English countryside turns into a sea of soothing greys, especially on rainy days. It might sound a bit dull, but trust me, it's actually the best time for us, lovers of all things cosy and peaceful. I did my best to make the most of these chill, grey days in the first half of January, so I'm going to share what I've been up to recently to hopefully inspire you to do the same. We're all counting down to Spring, but until then, there's plenty of joy to be found in the quiet of January

New Year, New Bathroom

Our home started the year a bit differently with a bathroom renovation. I didn't post about it on social media (because I don’t think anybody cares lol:) But it explains why I've been sharing more outdoor content lately. With builders at home from 8 am to 4 pm, we found ourselves seeking cosy places and activities away from the noise and dust. Now, as the renovation wraps up, I'm looking forward to get back to my regular home life and routines.


Working from a coffee shop

As a small business owner for over five years, I recently ventured into something new: working from a coffee shop. Andrei and I found a sunny spot in our local café, with the biggest cups of coffee and a cosy atmosphere. While I'm still more productive at my living room table, this change of scenery was a delightful and refreshing experience. I'm definitely planning more of these coffee shop work sessions in the future.

A Day at Bristol Museum

On a spontaneous note, we visited the Bristol Museum. To my surprise, entry is free! The museum is a treasure trove of art, wildlife, and history. The art gallery, with its interesting descriptions, the South West Wildlife exhibition, and the fascinating Egypt section were my personal highlights. I also loved the pottery and ceramics, spending extra time admiring teapots and cups and saucers. Once we move house, I think I might start collecting them, as there's just something about them that quickens my heartbeat with joy. :)


Cosy Evenings at Home

Despite the messy floors, plastic carpet protectors, tools, and the smells of paint and silicone, my home remains my cosy haven. January evenings are perfect for dreaming, planning, and reflecting (if you've seen THIS vlog, you know what I think about New Year's resolutions). January and February are the coldest months in the English countryside, and it can get pretty chilly even in our mild, snow-free Somerset. My winter essentials for these long, chilly evenings spent reading on the sofa are a cup of tea, a warm blanket, and of course, a YR studio candle. My favourite teas are Earl Grey and raspberry, and my go-to candles for this time of the year are the fruity 'Sweater Weather', the sweet 'Hygge', and the classic, chocolatey 'Cosy & Warm'. We make all these candles ourselves in our family-run Somerset studio, using exclusive British ingredients.


Yoga in the Stillness of January Evenings

The long January evenings have become my yoga haven. With the Christmas tree gone, my practice space is back, untouched by our home renovations. The quietude of January nights is ideal for yoga, particularly for relaxing styles like Yin or mindful Vinyasa. I love to put on relaxing music, light a cosy candle, and enjoy some me-time. Now in my 30s, I prioritise having a peaceful mind, and yoga practice is a wonderful way to release tension and stress from both our bodies and minds.


As we journey through the soothing greys of January, I hope my blog post inspired you to find your own little pockets of joy and peace in these quiet days. Remember, while the vibrant colours of Spring are on the horizon, there's a unique beauty and comfort in  the calm and cosy days of January.

Adriana x

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  • Beautiful read Adriana, thank you x


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