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Whispers of Spring in the English Countryside


February might still be a pretty chilly month here in the Somerset countryside, but it's also when the magic of Spring starts to unfold. It's the month we greet lovely snowdrops and daffodils, popping up here and there, whispering of the coming of Spring and warmer, sunnier days. And, oh, the crocuses! They're like nature's way of adding a bit of colour to a canvas that's been a bit too grey. It feels as if the world is starting to stir, waking up from a long grey Winter.

It's also time for us to start preparing our body and mind for the new, happy season. Spring brings new growth, energy, and optimism. It's time for action, starting new things, and turning plans and dreams into reality.

Here are some of my ways to get ready and excited for Spring, making these last weeks of dull, often muddy Winter much more enjoyable:

1. Move Your Body
With the days slowly stretching longer, it's the perfect time to reconnect with your body. A gentle yoga session can help awaken your senses and align your body and mind with the renewed energy of Spring. Likewise, taking leisurely walks in the countryside allows you to witness the transformation of the landscape firsthand, noticing the first green shoots and Spring flowers.

2. Bring Flowers Home
There's no simpler way to connect with nature than by bringing a piece of the outdoors into your home. A beautifully arranged floral wreath on your door, a pot of vibrant Spring daffodils on the windowsill, or a bouquet of freshly cut flowers on the dining table can brighten up your space and mood. These floral touches are not just decorative but serve as daily reminders of the world's natural cycles of renewal and growth.

3. Spring Candles
To truly immerse yourself in the essence of Spring, consider bringing the season's aromas into your home with our Spring candle collection inspired by our beloved English Countryside. Our candles are designed to fill your home with the comforting and uplifting fragrances of Spring, crafted to elevate your mood and create a serene ambiance in your living spaces.

4. Declutter
Spring is synonymous with new beginnings, and what better way to welcome it than by decluttering your home? Shed the old, unused, and unnecessary items that have accumulated over the year. This process is not just about creating physical space but also about making room for new energy and possibilities in your life. A decluttered, organised environment reflects a clear mind and a ready heart for the opportunities Spring will bring.

5. Begin Works in the Garden
Lastly, it's time to don your gardening gloves and start preparing your garden for the season. Planting roses and other Spring flowers can be a profoundly therapeutic activity, connecting you to the earth and the cycle of life. Tending to your garden not only beautifies your outdoor space but also serves as a physical manifestation of care and hope for the future.

February in the English countryside is a time of quiet beauty and anticipation. By embracing these gentle ways to prepare for Spring, we're preparing ourselves for the renewal and growth. Let's cherish this quiet time, nurture our well-being, and look forward to the vibrant days ahead with open hearts and homes ready to welcome Spring.

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  • Keep writing,Adriana; it’s a beautiful read and so appropriate for the coming of Spring.
    I have been enjoying your videos as they are so calm and have a lovely aesthetic to it. Ironically, I just only discovered that you have a blog too. Thank you for all that you do . Have a peaceful February.


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