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Creating a Cosy Cottage Atmosphere in Your New Build Home

Transform Your New Build into a Cosy Cottage - Tips for a Rustic Home Makeover

Transform Your New Build into a Cosy Cottage - Tips for a Rustic Home Makeover

If you follow my social media, you'll know that I'm deeply in love with all things rustic and country. One of my biggest dreams, which I'm working towards with my husband, is to move from the outskirts of the small town we live in to a quiet village somewhere in the Somerset or Cotswolds countryside. Owning a small cottage with a garden where I could keep chickens and ducks would fulfil my wildest dreams, haha :)

There will be a few more years before we're ready to leave our current house, so instead of just waiting, I've started making small changes in my home decor that bring the cosy feeling of living in a cottage (and closer to nature). I know many of you also yearn for that snug, 'cosy cottage' feel – a nod to the idyllic English countryside, right in our own homes. Today, I'm going to share some heartwarming tips that you can implement in your own home to add a touch of cosy rustic feeling to it

Natural Materials for Rustic Elegance

One of the key elements of a cottage-style home is the use of natural materials. Think wooden beams, stone accents, and woven textiles. You don't need to go all out with a renovation; small touches can make a big difference. For instance, a wooden coffee table, rustic chopping board or hand made stoneware mug can add an earthy, rustic feel. Consider soft furnishings like wool or cotton throws in neutral or soft pastel shades to bring in a touch of country comfort.

Transform Your New Build into a Cosy Cottage - Tips for a Rustic Home Makeover

"Cosy Cottage" Candles: A scent of the Countryside

Nothing says 'cosy' like the flicker of candlelight and the delightful aroma of the countryside. Our 'Cosy Cottage' Magnolia and Cherry candle is perfect for this. They not only create a warm, inviting glow but also fill your home with the smells of an English garden in bloom. Place these candles in your living room, bathroom, or bedroom to create a tranquil, cottage-like atmosphere.

The Heart of the Home: Baking and Homemade Food

There's something incredibly heartwarming about the smell of freshly baked bread or a cake straight from the oven. Baking isn't just about the delicious results; it's about the process – the kneading, the mixing, the anticipation. It's a delightful way to bring that cottage feel into your home. Display your homemade goodies on a lovely wooden bread bin or a vintage cake stand to add to the cottage vibe.

Transform Your New Build into a Cosy Cottage - Tips for a Rustic Home Makeover

Cottage Style Decor

To enhance the cottage atmosphere, consider adding vinatge patterns, rustic accessories, and cosy fabrics. Floral curtains or a vintage-inspired wallpaper can make a significant impact. My top choices for classic cottage-style decor are teapots, wooden or vintage picture frames, and antique books that will add character to your space.

Cherish the Hunt for Unique, Rustic Treasures

In your journey to cottage-ify your home, one of the most delightful aspects is cherishing the hunt for unique, rustic treasures. These can often be unearthed at local car boots or charity shops for mere pennies, and they add a rustic charm to your space. This process of slowly and thoughtfully collecting pieces makes your home unique, as every item has its own story and place in your home.

Transform Your New Build into a Cosy Cottage - Tips for a Rustic Home Makeover

Your Cosy Cottage Haven

Transforming your new build into a cosy cottage is all about creating a space that feels warm, inviting, full of charm and history.  By incorporating natural materials, indulging in the warm glow and scent of 'Cosy Cottage' candle, embracing the joy of baking, and adding cottage-style decor touches, you can create a space that not only looks beautiful but also feels like a warm hug every time you step inside.

It's the little things that make a house a home. Get creative, and let your home tell your story – one of warmth, comfort, and rustic charm. Happy decorating!

Adriana x

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