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Snowshill village & manor in Cotswolds

snowshill vilage and manor

Welcome to Snowshill - a hidden gem that's sure to capture your heart. Tucked away in the picturesque countryside, this quaint, quintessentially British village is a true haven for those seeking a tranquil escape from the busyness of modern world.

snowshill church

snowshill village cottages is summer

Nestled in the Cotswolds, Snowshill is a postcard-worthy village that seems straight out of a storybook. With its charming central-placed church, dreamy stone cottages, thatched roofs, and lush green fields, it's a scene that feels frozen in time. Set with the Cotswold hills rising steeply around the village on three sides, is known for its exceptional unspoilt beauty.

cotswolds hills

If you're visiting the village, you can't miss Snowshill Manor and Garden - they are a must-visit spot. Filled with eccentric collections amassed by poet Charles Wade, he bought the manor purely to display his collection while he lived in a humble cottage next door. Today, the manor boasts everything from model boats to Samurai armor. It's an intriguing collection of all things beautiful and handmade.

snowshill manor garden

The manor has a lovely tea room that you can visit at the beginning or the end of your time there.

tea room in Snowshill manor

One of the questions I was recently asked was: "Is Snowshill as quiet as it looks on Instagram?" The answer is: yes. The village is a very quiet and peaceful place with few people wandering its narrow streets. The Manor can get quite busy, especially during school holidays, as National Trust properties are popular places for family day outs. If you are looking for a quiet time in the Manor, I highly recommend visiting during school terms.

snowshill manor garden

There is a free public car park just outside the village, and a large National Trust car park right next to it (free for members; otherwise, charges apply). The address is 1 Manor Barns, Snowshill, Broadway WR12 7JR.

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