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It's Soft Girl Season - slow living in Spring

It's Soft Girl Season - slow living in Spring

Slow Living in Spring: Embracing the Soft Girl Season

As the days slowly get longer and warmer, and the sun starts to peek from behind the clouds a little more often, we're stepping into a special time of the year. Everything around us wakes up after a long sleep: Spring is finally here, a time of renewal, hope, and new intentions. It's like a gentle encouragement from nature to take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the simple things. It’s about letting our softer side show, finding happiness in little moments, and just being kind to ourselves and everything around us.

Taking example from the flowers

Spring is when flowers start to open up, one by one, adding color and sweet scents to the air. Perhaps this could serve as inspiration for us to open up too, to be our most natural selves, and embrace the gentle, caring, and fun parts of who we are.

In a way, Spring invites us to peel away the layers we’ve wrapped around ourselves during the colder months. It encourages us to be more open, not just with others, but with ourselves. To recognize and celebrate our vulnerabilities, our quirks, our strengths. It’s a time to reacquaint ourselves with the joy of laughing freely, caring deeply, and finding pleasure in the simple moments of life.

Taking Care of Your Space and Yourself

This season also inspires us to look after our own little worlds, whether that's a garden or the space inside us. If you’ve got a garden, now’s the time to give it some love, planting new things and enjoying the sight of everything growing. But don't forget about yourself, either. Take some time to do things that make you feel good: listen to your heart (and gut feeling), write down your thoughts, go for a quiet walk, practice yoga, or just be still for a while. It's all about helping yourself grow and bloom, just like your garden.

Closer to Loved Ones

This soft, gentle season also brings a chance to get closer to the people we care about. It’s about holding hands a little longer, giving kisses that are full of feeling, and hugs that wrap you up tight. In our busy everyday lives, physical closeness can easily slip away, but cultivating those small things can make a big difference, making our connections with others stronger and full of warmth.

Did you know that physical closeness in the form of hugging is good for our nervous system? When hugging, your body releases oxytocin, otherwise known as happiness hormones, that help us feel calm and relaxed, also strengthening bonds with other people.

Celebrating Femininity

Embrace the joy of dressing up this soft girl season. Whether it's putting on a flowy dress, pairing a floral top with your favourite jeans or adding a touch of lipstick, it brings out your confidence and femininity effortlessly. It's about feeling pretty and comfortable in your own skin, celebrating the pleasure of being a woman. Take a moment to dress up and enjoy feeling beautiful in your own unique way.

Candles for Spring & Summer

There's something special about candles that smell like Spring and Summer. They can make you feel like you're right there in the middle of a blooming garden, even on a gloomy, cold day. YR studio candles capture the feeling of the season in the English Countryside—fresh mornings, sweet flowers, and the warm sun—turning your home into a cosy, peaceful spot. 

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The beauty of slow and ordinary

This season also serves as a gentle reminder of the power of slowing down and finding beauty in ordinary moments. It's a time to appreciate where we are in life, exactly as it is, without the constant hustle to do more or be more. There's peace in just being, cherishing these small, ordinary moments that often pass unnoticed. By embracing the now, we can find joy and happiness in the simplicity of living, recognising the richness of our lives in every cup of tea, every shared smile, and every step on our journey.

As we move into this season of softness and growth, let’s make the most of it. Let’s be kind, open, and ready to find joy in the small things, taking care of our gardens, our homes, and the special people in our lives. Here’s to a season full of love, beauty, and softness.

Adriana x


  • I truly love your content. The blog and also YouTube space you’ve created give such an escape into tranquility and wholesome peace! ❤️ I am also in love with your candles 🕯️ and cannot wait until you might starting shipping them to Europe. Right now, I am constantly molesting a friend of mine from Northern Ireland to but then for me 😂
    Lots of love and God bless! 😘

  • You are so welcome, Jen. I’m very happy to hear about your yoga practice. It was a huge step in my journey as well, helping me to avoid overthinking and let go of things!

  • Thank you so much for creating content like this. I’ve spent way too many years stressed and overextended. Trying to be more intentional with how I spend my time and live a more peaceful life. Watching your videos has helped my husband and I take up yoga (almost daily) too!

  • Thank you so much Thalia for your beautiful words, they mean so much to me <3

  • Love this blog. Sometimes (often times) I need reminding of the most basic principles like just slowing down and smelling the roses. Thank you for having the kindness of heart to keep relentlessly and caringly planting these seeds everywhere you go. It’s working ☺️


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