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Quiant Loughwood Meeting House in Dalewood, Devon

Nestled within the quaint village of Dalwood in Devon is a hidden gem for those who seek serenity in the heart of the English countryside. Loughwood Meeting House, a place that appears to have emerged from the pages of a history book, offers a brief respite from our bustling modern world.

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Loughwood Meeting House is a historic Baptist chapel located 1 mile south of the village of Dalwood, Devon, England. Loughwood is one of the earliest surviving Baptist churches in the country. The origins of Loughwood Meeting House can be traced back to a period when Baptists faced restrictions and challenges in openly practicing their faith due to the dominance of the Church of England. Founded in secret in the 18th century, it has remained virtually unchanged since.

We arrived there late in the afternoon in mid-August. As we walked along the gravel road towards the house, we passed by a small orchard. The scent of ripe apples filled the air, and the leaves on the trees were already turning yellow, signaling the impending arrival of Autumn. With its traditional English countryside features including a thatched roof, stone exterior, and views of the Axe Valley and the East Devon countryside, Loughwood Meeting House is a picture-perfect place well worth a visit, especially for lovers of rustic English aesthetics.

This simple yet charming building now belongs to the National Trust. Admission to this site is free (no need to pre-book or pay for tickets). There is a small parking area for three cars, and when we arrived, we were the only visitors. Even during the peak of the summer school holidays, this place remains quiet and peaceful.


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