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How to Live Cosy in Spring and Summer - 10 Seasonal Living Tips

How to Live Cosy in Spring and Summer - 10 Seasonal Living Tips

Discover the Cosy Charm of Spring and Summer: 10 Seasonal Living Tips

Spring and Summer bless us with long, warm days, balmy evenings, the smell of fruits and flowers filling the air, and the taste of your favourite ice creams... These seasons can be as cosy as their counterparts, Autumn & Winter, for those who are willing to uncover their magic.

As the English countryside blooms and gets greener by the day, many of us look forward to embracing a slower, more peaceful pace of life. But I also know my readers and viewers very well, and I know that some of you already yearn for the crisp air of Autumn. I hope in this blog post I manage to show you that there's a unique charm in the warmer months and we should equally cherish them.

It's important to remember that all four seasons are necessary for the cycle of life, and although some might be more difficult than others, it's best to accept what we can't change instead of feeling upset for months at a time. Also, the anticipation of the Fall season is part of the fun, right? As without the night, we might not appreciate the sunshine; without Summer, we would not see Autumn as charming.

In this blog post, I'm going to share with you my ten simple ways to spend the coming Spring and Summer with coziness, embracing this joyful, light time of the year.

I've recently posted a Youtube video with my 10 realistic ways to live a cozy life in Spring and Summer, check it out!

These are all activities and mindset I'm implementing in my own life. As many of you know, I'm an Autumn girl through and through (I even created a dedicated Autumn & Halloween countdown page that tells you how many days until September, October, etc., in real-time - check it out HERE), but I want to enjoy every day of my life, not wishing away days and months that will come anyway. Time is this funny little thing that passes no matter if we want it or not. Since we all have limited time on this earth, let's make the most of each day, even on a hot, sticky Summer day.


1. Cosy Reading Nook

Getting lost in a book is one of those things that we see as a cold weather activity. Come September, everyone is book shopping, creating cosy book nooks in their homes. Why not make it a seasonal thing and create a Spring book nook? The basics of book nook decor still apply:

A cozy blanket:

Late evenings in Spring and Summer might still be chilly. You might want to look for some cute green, floral, pastel, or neutral designs that will fit the Spring & Summer theme.


Mugs to hold tea or coffee are an essential accessory for bookish people.


Vintage, second-hand books, or simply your TBR (to be read) pile will add coziness and theme to your book nook.

YR Studio Candles:

We specialise in cosy candles made for peaceful moments like an afternoon reading at home.

Check out our bookish candle collection, crafted for bookworms like you <3

A cozy sofa or armchair:

Simply something comfortable to sit on while you are lost in an epic story.

For Spring and Summer consider adding some seasonal accents to your book nook like:

Fairy lights:

Decorate a bookshelf or a dark corner of your room with them for a hint of magic. I recommend choosing the warm white lights, as they will add warmth and coziness to the room.

Fresh flowers:

Daffodils and tulips in Spring, roses and sunflowers in Summer... But really there are no rules here, you can choose any fresh flowers that will make your heart happy. They are an easy way to bring green energy into your room and will become a focal point of your book nook.

Seasonal Candles:

I already mentioned our Bookish Collection, but why not bring some fresh, green, floral, or herby scents with our Spring & Summer collection that will bring these fresh, happy seasonal vibes into your reading spot.


For the warmer days of Summer, you might want to also add a pretty glass for water or other cold drinks and perhaps a carafe, especially if you plan to read for an extended period of time and want to have your favourite drink at hand.

A fan:

If you live in an area where Summer is extremely hot, a fan can be a great way to keep you cool during long, sunny afternoons.

Your book nook should evolve throughout the year with the seasons. Adorning it with Spring and Summer decor can be a fun activity that breathes new life and a dose of coziness into your reading spot.

How to Live Cosy in Spring and Summer - 10 Seasonal Living Tips
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2. Forest Walks

Spending time in nature is one of the best things you can do for yourself all year round, but Spring & Summer are truly amazing times to be outdoors.

In Spring, you get to observe changes that happen almost daily. Each time you go into the woods, you will see new flowers or foliage on a tree. Buds will be opening up into acid green leaves and the forest will be filled with birdsong. The smell of new growth and earth is intoxicating in Spring.

In Summer, nature is at its peak, forests being dark and abundant. What an amazing time to be alive! The way the sun filters through the canopies and wildlife being active! Here in Somerset, UK, it's easy to spot rabbits, pheasants, deer, and squirrels. We also get quite a lot of rain in Summer, which is one of my favourite things about this season. Warm, rainy days are, in my opinion, very cosy. I love documenting them in my videos, which become some of my very best content, with comments from people from all around the world expressing their admiration for the English countryside's rainy Summer days.

Spending time outdoors connects you to the cycles of nature and also brings inner peace - an essential element of a cosy lifestyle.

3. Enjoy Mindful Indulgences

I'm not one to encourage overeating or an unhealthy diet, but please take it from a person who lost 25KG (55lbs): cake and hamburgers ARE part of a healthy diet. Balancing your meals doesn't mean you can't enjoy your favourite foods. Treat yourself to a coffee and cake or a hearty burger at a local café or farm shop, just make sure that your usual, at-home diet is in check. For me, comfort food is the peak of a cosy lifestyle, and I don't see a reason to completely cut it off - honestly, how sad would life be without some sugar? ;) Many of your local restaurants offer a seasonal menu like iced coffees or meals cooked with locally grown vegetables and fruits - what a great way to connect with the season, enjoy some comfort food without guilt, and also support a local business - it's a win for everyone!

4. Cultivate a Calm Mind

This point is valid all year round, but Spring and Summer are traditionally times when people socialise more, attending events and meeting people... and we are not always very enthusiastic about it. I know firsthand how hard it is to navigate these situations. The most important thing to do is to maintain a peaceful mind and not let any social situations ruin your mental peace.

When we allow unpleasant situations or people to influence us so much that we still think about them hours or days later, we basically give away the power over our lives to them. I know it's hard, but learn to leave these kinds of troubles outside of your front door and don't let anyone take away your peace.

5. Shop like a Gilmore Girl :)

I'm only half-joking. Make a habit of visiting an open-air market or a local farm shop at least once a week for the ultimate small-town or village vibes. This supports the local economy and also adds a charming and personal touch to your shopping, making you feel like a main character. In my local farm shop, they have cute wicker baskets instead of the usual plastic ones, and a great selection of locally grown fruits and veggies. I always feel like I'm in Stars Hollow and I'm about to walk into Kirk :) It's a lovely, heartwarming way to add cosiness to your day.

6. Cook Comforting Meals at Home

I already mentioned indulging in delicious food, but it gets even better when you cook at home. This can be a delightful way to create a cosy, warm atmosphere right in your kitchen, which is the heart of the home.

Whether you're just making a simple tea or preparing a full meal, the act of cooking food and sharing it with your loved ones is one of the coziest things we can do.

7. Cherish Vintage and Heritage Items

Some of my most cherished possessions are not expensive camera gear or a pension fund, but heritage items that were passed down in my family. The tradition and history connected with them cannot be bought or replaced and these few items - a wooden box, a painting, an old, misshapen fork - are invaluable to me. Surrounding myself with these items keeps me rooted and close to my family, even though many of them are long gone.

The same goes for shopping for second-hand and vintage items. Although you might never know the history of the items you purchase, you know they had a life "before" you and that someone needed and cherished them the same way you do now. Giving these items - books, furniture, paintings, clothes, toys - a second life is a kind thing to do for our environment and definitely a cosy way of shopping.

Incorporating vintage and heirloom items into your decor will also add a ton of warmth to your home. These imperfect pieces carry stories and history that only adds to the coziness of your space. Whether it's an old cookbook or a classic piece of furniture, these items bring character and charm to our homes.

8. Gardening

Gardening is a must-do for Spring. It's an incredibly rewarding activity that can be done in any space, from large gardens to small balconies and windowsills. It's a wonderful way to connect with nature, reduce stress, and improve our overall well-being.

I'm not an experienced gardener, but I try hard every year. If I were to suggest a few plants that, in my opinion, encapsulate the cosy vibes of Spring and Summer in the English Countryside, I would plant:

- Pumpkins! They are not the easiest of plants and they like to have a lot of space, sun, and water... but even a goofy little gardener like myself managed to grow some in the past, so will you. This year I'm planting all my pumpkins in containers, I've had some success with the white Baby Boo variety in the past, so I hope for success this year too! Pumpkins are fantastic plants for Autumn lovers because tending to them will keep you connected with Spring & Summer, with the vision of enjoying homegrown pumpkins in Autumn.

- Roses: This is my first year planting roses from David Austin, I already noticed the first rose buds and I'm brimming with excitement. I think roses make lovely plants because they bloom from late Spring till late Autumn, you can choose many colours and varieties that will fit your aesthetic, and they are a heritage English flower, that is a must in any English country garden. The good part is that they can be grown and thrive in containers (and partial shade) too, so no excuse!

- Lavender: Another staple of an English garden, this plant is probably the easiest to grow. Lavender can grow in poor quality soil and does not need a lot of watering - in fact, this plant likes its soil to get dry in between waterings. My lavender is already blooming (in case you're reading this a few months later - it's late April as I'm writing this post) adding lovely, purple color to my mini garden. The herb smells amazing, especially after watering, and it simply makes my heart so happy! Highly recommended!

9. Foster Meaningful Relationships

Spending time with people who uplift and appreciate you will make your life much easier and cozier. We all have "these" friends or family members with whom things always seem to happen to them, and it's never their fault. Their life seems to be a string of misery and bad luck, and at some point, you need to ask yourself if this friendship is worth continuing. In this day and age, life is busy, we all have limited time and energy. Our relationships should enrich and uplift us, and I strongly suggest surrounding yourself only with people that bring value to your life and feel like sunshine. By value, I don't mean it monetarily, but do they make you feel happy and appreciated? Does your opinion matter to them? Whether it's family gatherings, friendly get-togethers, or quiet moments with loved ones, nurture those relationships that make you feel safe and valued, as they are essential for a happy and cosy life.

10. Cosy Patio or Garden

A project I only started working on this year, but I already see the benefits of having a cosy, comfortable outdoor sitting area, surrounded by my plants. Since updating my garden with the white bistro set, it's my favourite spot for a morning coffee or little break during the day. I went for cosy cottage-style furniture because I think it reflects my style and looks lovely surrounded by roses and lavender. You can shop my garden furniture HERE or tap pictures below:

english cottage style patio furniture

By adding these cosy elements into your Spring and Summer months, you will create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere in your home throughout the warm months. Life is about finding joy in the simple moments and making the most of what we have, so feel free to use this blog post as an inspiration and adjust it to your needs. Cosiness is not a Pinterest aesthetic, but a lifestyle that needs to feel good in your home and heart. Even if you are a hardcore Fall lover, let's make sure we appreciate the natural beauty and warmth these seasons have to offer.


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