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"Pumpkin" Enamel Mug

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Autumn Mugs

Whether you cosy up indoors in the evening or in the garden on a crisp autumn morning, you will be enjoying a hot drink. If you follow us on social media you know very well, that a long side candles, warm blankets and socks, we love mugs.

The "Pumpkin" mug is the best way to enjoy your favourite Autumn beverage. It is designed by Adriana, who is an Autumn lover through and through, and made in the UK.

YR Studio Autumn Collection 2022

With every passing year we continue to expand our Autumn collection with products that best showcase everyone's love for Fall and helps you get the most out of this cosy season.

Browse our range of cosy candles and homewares and get your favourite Autumn treats!

Product Description

Retro style, 284 ml/10 oz, enamel mugs are durable and perfect for use at home, camping and outdoor activities. Hand crafted and coated with white enamel paint, each cup is then finished with a silver rim. Can be used for hot or cold drinks, serving up side dishes such as chips or storing cutlery.

We recommend you hand wash and hand dry immediately to maintain quality and longevity as small rust spots may appear. They are NOT microwave and dishwasher safe.


The packing is eco-friendly. You can recycle the cardboard and packing paper. The packing peanuts are made of corn starch and are biodegradable. You can add the m to compost or dissolve them in the kitchen sink.