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Anticipating Spring's Arrival: Season of Change in the English Countryside

Slow Living Through the Late Winter Landscape of the English Countryside

Embracing Slow Living Through the Late Winter Landscape of the English Countryside

For my husband, Andrei, and me, the Quantock Hills have become our beloved place for walks. Spending time outdoors, observing changes in nature and tuning in with the seasons is a large part of my slow living lifestyle, which I believe in with all my heart. Nestled in the picturesque Somerset countryside, Quantock hills have been our favourite escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of life for nearly 8 years. This Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty stretches across rolling hills, deep forests, and open moorland, presenting a perfect backdrop for people looking for quiet time in nature.

I always feel like the change of seasons comes later on the hills. In town (which is much lower in altitude), many trees like cherry and magnolias are already blooming, and you can also spot green buds, almost ready to burst open with the first Spring leaves, but the trees on the hills are still asleep. Perhaps it's due to the height and often cold winds that make Spring arrive a little later than in lower-located places?

The Transition from Winter to Spring: the Countryside's Awakening

When we arrived at the Triscombe Stone car park, the sky was grey, and it felt still very Wintry, but we were well prepared, wearing warm coats and wellies and walking boots. As we progressed through the forest and heathland, the sun started peeking out through the clouds, and we even got a glimpse of a blue sky. The second half of our walk in the sunshine felt amazing and almost Spring-like.

On the 20th of March, we're going to be celebrating Ostara - the Spring Equinox - marking the midway point between the Winter and Summer solstice. The day and night will be equal, and from this point on, the days will be slowly getting longer.

Read my guide to Ostara and how to celebrate Spring Equinox here

Although the forest looks very quiet and slumbering, there is a bustling world underneath the ground. The soil, nourished by recent rain and the warmth of the sun, becomes a perfect environment for seeds to germinate and roots to start stretching out. New life is stirring, buds begin to appear on branches, and in a few short weeks, these trees will be covered in acid-green leaves.

Ostara is a celebration of new life, renewal, but also balance and harmony (just like the perfect balance between day and night on the day of the Equinox). 

The days will be getting longer and warmer, and the landscape will start changing to greener and more alive. I'm looking forward to witnessing the new cycle yet again in the Quantock Hills, from new leaves emerging, to hills being covered in Summer foxgloves, to my favourite hues of orange and gold in Autumn, and the quiet of Winter.

For a few more weeks, the hills are still an oasis of calm and Winter rest, but the change is coming, and I will share it with you through my videos, blog posts, and, of course, candles! Many of our candles are inspired by the scents of nature and the English countryside, so here are some of the greener scents perfect for nature lovers wanting to bring the outdoors home:

Slow Living Through the Late Winter Landscape of the English Countryside


Are you looking forward to Spring and Summer? Or perhaps Autumn has your heart? I know Summer can be difficult for many of my viewers who live in areas where it gets very hot and humid during the Summer period, but I hope you'll still manage to find some joy in the coming seasons (even if Spring just means one season closer to Autumn ;).

Thank you for reading,
Adriana x

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