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How to Start Romanticising Your Life This Spring - realistic tips

Transform Your Spring: Tips to Romanticise Your Life and Embrace Slow Living

As the chill of Winter begins to fade, my heart eagerly awaits the arrival of Spring. Though it's not quite here, there's a whisper of change in the air. This season of anticipation is a wonderful time for those of us who value slow living, a cosy atmosphere, and want to start romanticising their lives. Let's explore the simple ways we can romanticise and make the most of this transition period, filling our days with warmth, tranquility, and the promise of warm, sunny days ahead.

Learn more about Slow Living between Spring & Winter in the English Countryside

Being Present in Nature

Taking a quiet walk in the English countryside, observing these early signs of Spring, can uplift your spirits like nothing else and make you feel like a character in a period novel. This is where we truly romanticise slow living, taking our time to tune in with nature and the changing seasons. Take a moment to notice the first brave flowers of the year. The early Spring flowers, like snowdrops and crocuses, are messengers of change, inspiring us to embrace new beginnings in our own lives. 

Romanticise Cooking at Home

As local markets and farm shops begin to display fresh greens like lettuce, kale, and herbs, it's the perfect time to add these to your diet and shift towards lighter, more vibrant meals. Embracing this change is at the heart of cosy living and a great way to romanticise an ordinary task like cooking meals. Our food becomes an expression of the season and a reason to gather. Not only does it support local farmers, but it also brings the fresh taste of Spring into your home.
Another romantic idea is whipping up some healthy sweets like my recent slow living recipe for dark chocolate-covered prunes that are not only delicious but also nurturing for your body. Win-win!

Plan Your Romantic English Cottage Garden

Early Spring is an invitation to start planning our gardens, a perfect hobby that marries the popular cottagecore online aesthetic with the real-life tranquility of the romantic English cottage garden. This is the time to plan the lush, blooming garden we'll enjoy in the months to come. Planting bare-root roses, enriching the soil, and early weeding are acts of hope that connect us to the earth—a fundamental aspect of cosy living and Spring Hygge. Just imagine smelling your roses in Summer or hosting a tea party with your children on a sunny afternoon - if this is not romanticising life, I don't know what is.

Welcoming Spring Indoors: Candles and Comfort

Even before the full arrival of Spring, we can invite its essence into our homes. Lighting Spring-scented candles fills our spaces with the soft fragrances of blooming flowers and fresh greens, romanticising our everyday moments and making them feel more special. This simple act turns our homes into cosy havens, reflecting the slow living ethos where comfort, warmth, and a connection to the seasons are essential. Our range of hand-poured, natural wax, and artisan candles are designed to capture this very essence, making every flicker a reminder of the joy and renewal that Spring brings.

Indulge in a Classic Romance

An evening spent in the company of a classic romance novel, such as "Pride and Prejudice," perfectly complements the tender atmosphere of early Spring. What better way to start romanticising your life than getting inspired by the rebellious Elizabeth Bennet and the initially grumpy but ardently in love Mr. Darcy?

What other books (or movies) would you recommend for early Spring? I'd love your recommendations!

Gentle Movement - Yoga & Walks

As the days begin to stretch longer, early Spring encourages us to gently awaken our bodies from their Winter rest. Yoga and walks in the crisp air are not just physical activities but practices in mindfulness and connection. They embody the principles of slow living, where health and happiness are nurtured through simple, grounding actions. Romanticising your life also means loving your body, and gentle movement is one of the greatest gifts you can offer for its health.

Some Closing Thoughts

Early Spring in the English countryside is a time of change and a perfect opportunity to start romanticising your life. Even though many days are still dark and gloomy, if you look closely, you can see the first signs of Spring. Snowdrops and other early flowers begin to appear, signalling that warmer times are ahead. This period offers a great opportunity to practice noticing life's beauty, connecting deeply with the natural world around us. As we observe the subtle changes, we prepare our hearts and minds for the warm, joyful months ahead, finding beauty and tranquility in each passing day.
Adriana x

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