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Slowing Living Between Winter & Spring in The English Countryside


Slow Living Between the Seasons: Winter's Farewell and Spring's Welcome

In February, I'm caught between the last bit of Winter's warmth and the first hints of Spring. Every day, I light a candle to keep the cosy feeling alive, while also keeping an eye out for the first Spring flowers and clear, blue skies. It's a special time, blending the snugness of Winter with the excitement of Spring. I love this mix, finding joy in both the comfort of a candle's glow and the simple beauty of nature changing around me.

As we slowly wave goodbye to Winter and peek around the corner for Spring, let’s not rush. There’s a special kind of magic in these in-between days. Here’s a straightforward guide to enjoying this unique time, focusing on the simple joys that make every day brighter.

1. Enjoy the Rain

Rain is an often guest in the English countryside in February. The gentle sound has a way of being therapeutic, like nature's own soundtrack, inviting calm and nourishing the countryside we love so much. It’s also the perfect excuse to stay snug at home, enjoying the coziness away from the hustle and bustle. Rainy days are a gentle reminder of the world's simple beauties, encouraging us to slow down and appreciate the moment.

2. Spot the First Flowers

Keep an eye out for the first brave flowers of the year. These little bursts of colour are like nature’s promise of good things to come. Finding the first daffodils and snowdrops of the year brought me much joy this month. They’re a reminder that spring is on its way, even on the greyest days.

3. Light a Spring Candle

A candle can change the feel of a room in an instant. Our Spring Candle Collection, with scents of fresh rain and budding blooms, can make your home feel like a spring day, any day. It’s a simple way to brighten your space (and your mood).

I'm excited to share our new "English Countryside" candle, which smells like rain, grass, and flowers. It's inspired by rolling green hills, beautiful English gardens and the calm feeling after it rains. I really hope you love it as much as I do.

4. Go for a Walk, Mud and All

Don’t let a bit of mud stop you. Pull on your wellies and enjoy a walk outside. The fresh air is invigorating, and there’s something satisfying about hearing your boots squelch through the mud. It’s all about enjoying the moment, whatever the weather.

5. Pause for a Moment

Take a minute to just be. Maybe with a cup of tea and your favourite YR studio candle lit nearby. Reflect on the past few months and think about what you’re looking forward to in Spring. Life’s about the little moments, and there’s no better time to appreciate them than now.

To Wrap It Up

Let’s not rush through these last days of Winter and enjoy the simple things: the rain, the first flowers, the warmth of a candle, and the joy of a walk outside. These moments are what slow living is all about. So, take it easy and enjoy the simple pleasures of this transitional season. Spring will be here before we know it, but for now, let's make the most of now.

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