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How to create a Cottage-Style Cozy Patio?

Transform Your Outdoor Space into a Cozy Cottage-Style Patio - Decor Ideas

Transform Your Outdoor Space into a Cozy Cottage-Style Patio - Decor Ideas

All links to my cosy-patio decor here + a few extra pieces that caught my eye:


A cosy, cottage-style patio can become a little oasis of peace, where we can relax and connect with nature without the need to even leave our house.

Many of you might know that the topic of coziness is very close to my heart and over the years it has become a main theme both for my candle business and personal life. I diligently work on cozying up all aspects of my home and life, and my patio (or back garden) is no different.

I’ve recently done a little garden makeover and I’d love to share with you my experiences and thoughts on how to create a cozy, cottage-style patio—even if you live in a new build.

What It Means to Have a Cottage-Style Cozy Patio

A cottage-style patio is more than just an outdoor area attached to your home; it's a reflection of your personal lifestyle, showcasing your taste and values.

There are many different styles with which you can decorate your patio: be it modern, futuristic, minimal, eclectic, and many more. I personally chose a cozy cottage style in all areas of my life. In my opinion, it encapsulates simplicity, tradition, friendliness, tranquility, and comfort—essential ingredients of coziness.

A cosy, cottage-style patio features rustic and vintage elements combined with welcoming, comfortable furnishings, snug fabrics like cushions and blankets, and natural touches. Your garden is a space that should feel both personal and inviting, highlighting your lifestyle.

Benefits of a Cozy Patio

For me, one of the most important reasons to create a cosy outdoor space is to spend more time in nature. Although it’s not the same as a forest walk, the benefits of fresh air, sunshine, and birdsong are the same. On a deeper level, spending time in a cosy, nature-infused space can improve our mental health, reduce stress, and promote well-being.

In our busy lives, where many of us live in towns and cities and work 9-5, we are able to enjoy nature only on the weekend, a cosy patio can become a little escape.

An outside sitting area could become your retreat where you can enjoy the outdoors while still being sheltered from the outside world and feel at comfort. It will be a lovely spot for morning coffees, quiet afternoons with a book, or evenings spent with friends and family, hosting dinners or just relaxing by the fire pit.

On top of all this, a well-designed patio will add to the aesthetic quality of your home, potentially increasing its market value.

Transform Your Outdoor Space into a Cozy Cottage-Style Patio - Decor Ideas

What Decor Makes a Patio Cozy & Cottage-Like

Transforming a patio into a cosy, cottage-style haven can incorporate all or some of the below. If you have skills, you can definitely try DIYs, e.g., garden furniture from pallets or sew your own cushion covers. Unfortunately, neither my husband nor I are very good DIY-ers, so in this post, I’m sharing our recent purchases of garden furniture and cozy patio decor that hopefully will inspire you to create your own cozy outdoor space.

Cottage-style furniture

I went for a traditional white bistro table and four chairs set. You can also choose wicker or rustic wooden furniture that evokes a timeless feel. The main theme here should be comfort and coziness. Choose the set that makes you feel like you could snuggle on it for hours

Neutral Umbrella

A large umbrella provides shade on sunny days and cover when it rains. I picked a muted beige colour to maintain the cottage aesthetic. The added bonus of my new umbrella are solar lights, that will look lovely and add coziness on long summer evenings.

Fire Pit

A fire pit makes a perfect centrepiece for relaxing evenings, providing warmth and a cosy glow, creating an inviting atmosphere. It will be perfect for cooler Autumn evenings, adding a country charm to our patio.

Candles and Lights

Soft lighting is essential for a cosy ambiance. Use candles for a flickering, warm light and string lights to add a magical touch to the evenings.

Try our Spring & Summer candle collection, inspired by the scents of the English countryside, or jump straight into Fall vibes with our Autumn and pumpkin candles made in our family-run studio in Somerset.

Cozy cottag style patio candles

Fabrics: Cushions, Carpets, Blankets

Bringing different textiles like cushions, blankets, and even rugs will add to the comfort of your patio, making the space inviting and comfortable even on cooler days.


Roses, lavender, English ivy, mint are some of the plants I have on my patio and I think they are crucial for the cottage feel. Incorporate a variety of plants, in different-sized pots to create a whimsical cottage style on a budget.

A cottage-style cosy patio is delightful addition to any home, offering year-round enjoyment and countless benefits. With the cottage-style furniture and decor, it will provide a restful retreat no matter the season. 



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  • love to create a cozy space outdoors. i love somewhere i can sit and listen to the birds and read. i cannot wait to be outside now the weather is changing. loved reading this post Adrianna


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