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Pure unscented soy candle
Pure unscented soy candle
Pure unscented soy candle
Pure unscented soy candle
Pure unscented soy candle

Pure unscented soy candle

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Our Pure Unscented Soy Candle has been lovingly hand-poured in a bid to help everyone enjoy the warm and ambient glow of candlelight. Even if rich scents aren't your thing, we wanted to make sure there was a lovingly handcrafted option in our range for you. These candles are also an ideal option for anyone with respiratory issues or those who experience discomfort with strong fragrances around their home.

We have a team of experts who individually hand-pour the vegan soy wax into each glass jar. With no added colours, additives, essential oils or fragrances, all you have to do is sit back and bask in the beauty of candlelight. A romantic addition to any mean, with the ability to soften our silhouettes and stimulate the senses. Small flickering candlelight also creates a sense of intimacy for those in its glow and can help to bring loved ones together in smaller spaces. During moments of self-care and meditation, they give you a point to focus on and eliminate the need for harsh overhead lighting too.

With over 35 hours of burn time, our soy candles come in a reusable glass pot. This can be washed out after all the wax has gone and re-used as a storage pot or decorative addition to shelves. Crafting this candle has allowed all of our customers to experience the beauty of candlelight, no matter their preferences or health needs. Add to your collection or treat someone you hold close to your heart today.


  • 8oz Glass Jar
  • +35 Hour Burn Time
  • Vegan / Natural Soy Wax / Phthalate Free
  • Hand-Poured in Somerset, England