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Into the woods... two wick candle - large

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Take a walk through some of the most beautiful woodlands in your imagination with one deep inhale of the Into The Woods Two Wick Candle. A scent for those who find themselves daydreaming about moments outside with the ones they love the dearest. Or those who find themselves needing time to themselves in the calm of nature. With a refreshing and light scent, it instantly takes you to those places where tall trees crane overhead, blocking out the sun and creating a haven for woodland creatures.

Close your eyes, breathe in deep and imagine newly sprouted leaves, fir needles spiking out from branches and yellow sprouts of Agrimony peeking through the grass. It's almost as if every step you take makes a light crunching sound while birds jump between trees up high and squirrels forage to find the best treasures. Pop this candle up on a shelf in pride of place for guests to spot as they enter your home. Or have it close for those moments where you need to step back from the hustle and bustle of modern life into a world that moves at a much slower pace. With soy wax to extend burning time, reduce fumes and give off the richest of scents, it promises to be a candle you lean for again and again.

With two wicks, this candle will burn at a more consistent rate, giving you longer burning hours and more time to enjoy the fragrance. It has been enriched with lemon essential oil and is sure to warm your heart instantly.


Freshly cut leaves enriched by hints of agrimony, fir, rosewood and thistle.

Enriched with lemon essential oil.


  • 13oz Glass Jar
  • +60 Hour Burn Time
  • Vegan / Natual Soy Wax / Phthalate Free
  • Hand-Poured in Somerset, England