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"Send a Hug" Gift Candle - Clear Jar

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There's something special about a warm embrace and when you're just too far away to give it yourself, gift them with our 'Send A Hug' Gift Candle. A thoughtful token of your affection, this adorable candle will arrive at their door just when they need it the most. The rich scents blended into the soy wax promise to fill the air in their room, helping to shift sadness and bring a comforting glow to those that need it the most.

Our candles are hand-poured in Somerset, using natural vegan soy wax and the richest essential oils. We have hand-selected scents that bring so many of us joy - lavender, lily and patchouli. The type of scents that bring back fond memories and remind us why we have such special people around us in our lives. This candle provides a focal point when life feels hard. The flickering light brings a sense of intimacy, letting us know that someone is thinking of us. While the rich fragrance promises to envelop your room and take over the sense to bring a feeling of exceptional calm. Whether used during a yoga practice, lit at the end of a long and hard day or used to scent a room before inviting guests over, it is sure to become much-loved and cherished.

We have used a clear jar for this candle which allows the wax and flame to be seen throughout the burn. In the end, simply wash it out and recycle it into a storage pot or charming decoration.

SCENT: your family/friend will receive a candle in one of our most loved scents such as lavender, coconut or floral. We select the most beautiful scents that create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere.


  • Scent may vary
  • 190ml glass jar
  • +35 Hour Burn Time
  • Vegan / Natural Soy Wax / Phthalate Free
  • Hand-Poured in Somerset, UK