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“Spa Day" Green Tea scented soy candle

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Take yourself to a moment dedicated to your mental and physical calm with our 'Spa Day' Green Tea Scented Soy Candle. As if you've just stepped foot in a luxury facility, the alluring scents will have stress and tension melt away throughout your body. This candle is one of those that you save for days where it feels like taking time to yourself is essential. Or, it makes a thoughtful gift when presented to that one person you feel needs to block out self-care as a necessity.

This elegant candle has been hand poured into a classic glass jar using vegan soy wax for a long and environmentally safe burn. Notes of refreshing green tea and floral accents merge their way into your senses, filling your body with a feeling of undeniable calm. Bringing the feel of a 5* spa into your own home, it is the ideal accompaniment to a hot bubble bath for 20 minutes with your toes sunk into your foot spa. Close your eyes and take full deep inhales, feeling how these relaxing and calming scents take over from the inside and reduce stress instantly.

Our candles are designed to help you or a loved one carve out much-needed time for yourself. They can be lit during relaxing dinners with romantic partners, yoga meditations to enhance focus or even during work to keep stress levels at a good base. Offering over 35 hours of burn time and having been hand-poured in Somerset, they are a little touch of luxury in your everyday life.


Relaxing and fresh green tea fragrance with floral notes.


  • 190ml glass jar
  • +35 Hour Burn Time
  • Vegan / Natual Soy Wax / Phthalate Free
  • Hand-Poured in Somerset, England