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The Pygmalion effect: believe in your success!


Have you ever heard about the Pygmalion effect? 

I wasn’t familiar with this term either. I read an article about it a few years back and decided to start implementing it in my own life... and I never looked back. You should try this method - it's science!

Rosenthal effect (widely known as the Pygmalion effect) is a physiological effect where higher expectations lead to an increase in performance.

Rosenthal - Jacobson experiment

Rosenthal (with the help of Leonire F. Jacobson) ran an experiment in an elementary school in SAN Francisco. They did an IQ test on pupils and based on their scores they assigned them to different classes - first-class was for the kids with higher intelligence and second-class for those who weren’t as bright.

Rosenthal & Jacobson followed progress in both classes. It turned out that kids assigned to the “better” group made better progress, had better grades and were spending more time on their homework. Sadly, progress in the second group was much slower and teachers often allowed them to get away with things since they were not expected to do great anyway.

The results were to be expected, right?

The trick is that the IQ test results were never shared with teachers and in fact, children were assigned to classes randomly, not based on their intelligence.

Children with assumed higher intelligence did better because they believed in themselves. The belief that these children are better than others also influenced other people - eg teachers were spending more time helping and teaching “bright” kids.

Use it to your advantage

How? Believe in yourself! Don’t think or talk negatively about yourself. Set realistic goals and keep telling yourself you can do it, it's achievable, you already got all it takes to win.

The reality is that a positive mindset isn’t enough to reach your goals. On the other hand, no amount of hard work will lead you to victory if you keep telling yourself that your goals are always out of your reach.

I think the right amount of self-belief, being realistic about your goals and possible outcomes + consistency is the right way to success in any field.

Ps. do you know somebody who needs to read this post? Share it with them and help them believe in themselves!


Adriana x