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New Moon - rituals and practices at home



Recently have begun the last lunar cycle of 2018. Can you believe it?! For me 2018 has been a year of inner growth, what about you?

Last Dark Moon of this year might get you feeling reflective. This will be an ideal time to ponder over the past 11 months of our lives. It might be the last quiet one we have before the festive craziness fully starts, so use it for personal development.

Time of the New Moon is energetically the lowest point of the month. It is a time of rest, nourishing, reflection, but also time to be creative, make plans, dream, visualize and manifest.

Of course, there are many ways to harness this beautiful, subtle energy. Today I'll tell you my favorite 3 rituals/practices to do around New Moon.

1) New Moon Wishes - start the new lunar cycle clearly stating what you would like to accomplish and what you dream of. If even you are not sure what it is exactly what you want, how can you direct your energy & efforts in order to achieve your goals? Use a page in your diary or create a special notebook just for the New Moon wishes. I use my day to day diary. My New Moon wishes are simply part of my life and I'm working to achieve them daily, so summing them up at the beginning of each month in my calendar seems like the right place. 

How to do it? Spend a quiet moment meditating & contemplating. What is it that you truly want? Write it down in positive terms (so write down the things you DO want, not what you DON'T want). Focus on things that are really important for you - don't ask for a new handbag or fancy holidays but rather ask for financial stability, help to get a better job or start your own business, so you can afford the things you want yourself. 

2) Cleansing - Dark Moon is at the begging of a brand new cycle, it's good to start it without the baggage of negative energy and dim aura. 

How to do it? Use smoke, salt or sound. You can burn sage, palo santo or any other favorite herbs or incense to cleanse yourself and your space. Another way to cleanse is to have a bath with salt. To cleanse your space with salt spread it on the floor and brush it off visualizing that you are brushing it off together with negative energy. You can also listen to healing sounds like singing bowls, which will help you to release negative energy (you can easily find it on Youtube)

3) Get creative! New Moon is a time of planning, visualizing and manifesting. 

How to do it? You don't need to be an artist and whatever you are going to create - don't worry - it doesn't have to be a true piece of art. It needs to be meaningful to you. Feeling like painting or writing? Or dancing? Do it, self-expression is one of the best ways to understand ourselves and help us spiritually grow. 

I wonder if you have any favorite ways to celebrate the New Moon?

Much love
Adriana x


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