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“Hygge up” your home - cheap & easy tips!

Hygge up your home cheap & easy tips - Yoga Rituals

Fashion is ever-changing, new trends appear each season and dictate nearly every aspect of our life. What to wear, where to go on holidays, how to decorate your home... some people are great at following trends, they always know what is currently at the top and they simply enjoy this fast-paced fashion world. 
I’m not one of them.

Although there’s nothing wrong with it, I see it as an expensive hobby and a lot of hassle so I rather spend this time practising yoga. 

If you can relate, then the Hygge style is something for you! Hygge offer timelessness. Light colours, wood, natural fabrics - it won't go out of fashion anytime soon. If you are completely new to this, I would advise starting with “Hygging up” your home. You can do it in an inexpensive way & it will instantly transform your house into a cosy home.

How to “Hygge up” your home?

  • Have a throwing away party. Keep only the things that you love. Removing clutter is key to creating a space where you can mentally rest.
  • Brighten up your space. Make sure that curtains don’t block sunlight.

  • Decide on a colour scheme. My home is white/beige/wooden with silver elements. When I was Hygging up my home I re-painted several items of furniture. It’s a cheap way to give new life to some old tables, chairs, frames etc. Recently I repainted my gold mirror white and I totally love it!

  • Cosy up your home with cushions and blankets

  • Add natural decorations like fresh flowers, plants, jute baskets, sheepskin rugs (fake one will do the job if you are vegan), wooden frames. Avoid cheap plastic.

  • Candles! Lots of candles.

  • Turn your bathroom into a SPA

  • Remove any work-related items from your bedroom. If possible dedicate that room only for relaxing/sleeping. If it’s not possible, then organise your paperwork and put it away when you finish. Don’t leave it outside as a reminder of all the work you haven't done.

  • Organise your kitchen. Put your herbs in pretty jars with hand-written labels. Stock up on hot chocolate and popcorn ready for cosy movie nights.

  • Last but not least... leave any bad energy outside your door Your home is your happy, safe space. Things at work might be busy and upsetting, but before you step inside your house, take a deep breath and visualise literally leaving all that stress behind you. 

I would love to see how You Hygged up your homes! Tag us on Instagram!

Adriana x