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10 ways to Hygge in the Summer

Autumn Hygge is Easy

I’ve been “hygging” most of my adult life, but I only recently learned what it means. It’s a Danish word for cosiness, for taking things slowly and enjoying the simple things in life.
I LOVE Autumn. Why? Because it gives me a major “Hygge” feelings. Think fluffy blankets, movie nights, mulled wine the sound of the rain hitting the window and room lighten up by aromatic candles. The world outside doesn’t exist - it’s just you with your loved ones in your cosy, warm home.

How to Hygge in the Summer?

With Summer behind the corner, Hygge fans might feel discouraged. Your favourite blanket is packed away at the bottom of the wardrobe and it’s way too hot for fluffy socks or hot drinks.

Don’t worry - Hygge isn’t just seasonal thing, it’s a way of life. Each season has something unique to offer... and noticing it is very Hygge!

Here are my 10 favourite ways to Hygge in the Summer! I’d love to find out what are your favourite things to do?

  1. Go for a walk -  feel the warm sunshine on your skin and literally take time to smell the flowers.
  2. Arrange your backyard/garden - cut the grass, decorate with fairy lights & candles, enjoy quiet time on your own private land.
  3. Eat outdoors -  my mum always says that nothing enhances appetite as much as fresh air. Organise a family picnic or have breakfast in the garden.
  4. Wildflowers - make an out of town trip to pick some wildflowers & decorate your home with them
  5. Mindful yoga -  summer is such a cheerful time of the year. Prepare your body for the season's abundance by practising heart-opening poses. Why don’t you take your mat outside and practice Sun Salutation in the sunlight?
  6. Summer candles - look for some light, fresh, summery scents like Orange & Vanilla or Lime Basil Mandarin and enjoy Summer nights outdoors by the candlelight.
  7. Eat fresh - summer is a great time to eat locally grown leafy greens. Make salads, ice teas and invite your friends over.
  8. Watch sunrise or sunset on the beach or on top of the hill
  9. Treat yourself to home-made ice creams or visit local ice cream parlour
  10. Changes in nature - notice through the season the slow growth and ripening of apples...

...And when the fruit fall from the trees and the leaves turn gold Autumn is just around the corner. We will yet again be able to take out our favourite blanket and curl on the sofa with hot chocolate. Until then - Enjoy Summer and everything it has to offer.