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Lavender - 3 Reasons Why It Still Tops Our Favourites List

some beautiful lavender with a jar of its essential oils

At YR Studio, we believe that self-care should be a natural part of every single day. And, to make that happen, we work hard to produce natural soy wax candles that help you to switch off, relax and sleep. When crafting each one, we’ve delved into the research behind many of the world’s most popular essential oils. And, even after expanding our range and creating a line of candles we’re exceedingly proud of, lavender essential oil still tops our favourites list for many reasons - some of which we’d like to share with you here today.

  1. It Has Been Scientifically Shown to Reduce Anxiety

There is research to show that inhaling lavender oil can effectively help to switch us over to our parasympathetic nervous system. This is the relaxing stage in opposition to the fight-and-flight response we feel when experiencing anxiety. Taking deep breaths when using lavender oil also encourages us to draw in more oxygen, improving the flow of blood and helping our blood vessels to expand. Scents, such as those from our Calm & Balanced Two Wick Candle, can be used during moments of meditation or times of high stress to help bring you down to a more balanced level.

  1. It Can Help to Alleviate Headaches

As it is widely used for stress management, there is also a degree of evidence out there to prove that inhaling lavender oil can help with the management of headaches and migraines. It is thought that the scents trigger responses from the body that cause it to reduce stress, and further expand blood vessels - helping to lessen the tension felt.

  1. It Helps to Promote Better Sleep

If there’s one thing that lavender is known for, it’s relaxation. Studies have shown that inhaling the oil helps to increase slow-wave sleep, also known as deep non-rapid eye movement. This is considered to be the most restorative sleep stage and is associated with good sleep quality. Without it, we cannot function properly during the daytime.

Lavender oil is a key ingredient in many of our candles, including the Nourish to Flourish Lemon & Lavender 2-Wick Candle. And, it continues to be one of the best ways that we’ve found to reinstate feelings of calm and relaxation in our everyday lives. Is lavender a part of your daily routine?

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