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Let's make business - wholesale soy candles made in UK

We began trading in 2018 and very quickly gained loyal customers and build an amazing community around rituals of relaxation and cosiness at home. Our mission is to create natural soy wax candles oriented towards customers well being that bring a cosy glow to any space.

Soy candles wholesale UK

Made in the UK, our growing list of orders and overwhelming feedback about our elegant soy candles, we knew that we are definitely on the right track.

Yoga-related products and spiritual candles are a growing trend and we are happy to offer them wholesale to retailers who want British-made products of this type for their customers.

Scented candles in amber jars are a perfect choice for lovers of modern, yet cosy style. They fit in any room, especially bedrooms and living rooms where people spend most of their time relaxing. Clear jars are ideal for customers who love bright-burning candles that truly light up the room. 

Our collection of luxury candles with lids inspired the imagination not just of our customers but other business owners as well. More and more retails, shops, boutiques, beauty salons and SPA stock our handmade candles. Seeing our products on the shop shelf is a proud moment for us at YR Studio.

As a responsible wholesale candle company we work with sustainable, eco-friendly suppliers and we are happy to see so many choose to shop local and support independent business over mass produced toxic products.

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natural candles wholesale UK Somerset

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