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Top 3 Yoga Candles

yoga candles

Welcome to the YR Studio yoga candle guide. We are a small handmade candle business with a passion for Yoga and self-care. We craft our scented soy wax candles with the purpose of accompanying and guiding you through your inner journey to the self.

Yoga is not just a compilation of physical movements, it is a way of living a balanced life. Our Yoga candles will enrich your home self-care rituals for relaxation, stress relief, meditation and energy boost.

Proper diet, rest and physical activity are key to a healthy lifestyle. This guide is meant to show you different stress battling and mood-improving habits that we found helpful in our daily and weekly routines.

1. "I'm offline" Nag Champa incense candle - ideal for candle meditation also known as Trataka.
Meditate with open eyes while focusing on the flickering flame of your candle. This is a great alternative to normal meditation as focusing on a physical object can contain a wandering mind. If you keep repeating this practice of candle gazing you can improve concentration and memory.

Tips for a better practice:
- the darker the room, the better
- slow and deep breaths
- relax and start with closed eyes, slowly open and gaze at the flame for 20-30 seconds without blinking
- don't worry if you tear up
- close your eyes for 20-30 seconds, rub your palms to warm them up and gently cup your eyes
- after 4-5 rounds put your hands down, relax and don't open your eyes for a bit
- practice mindfully, with awareness of your breathing, relaxing of eye and facial muscles

Nag Champa is a sacred incense that purifies your environment, used for centuries in Hindu and Buddhist temples. Put your phone away and unroll your yoga mat. It's time to find a different kind of connection.

2. "Calm & Balanced" lavender essential oil infused candle - create a calming atmosphere to let your mind and body heal.

If you spend hours at the office desk (be it home office or at work), writing reports, attending meetings or self-isolating at home this sets the tone for a tense and unstable day. It can lead to a restless night. Insomnia and sleep deprivation are detrimental to health and work-life balance. A Northumbria University sleep research study brought to light that Covid-19 has further caused sleep disruptions to 40% out of 50,000 people. The takeaway is that sleep is paramount.

Pranayama is the part of yoga that focuses on breathing techniques. It activates the rest (parasympathetic) system of your body. There are many complexities when it comes to pranayama. We will direct our attention on the practice that helps most with unwinding. Let's calm our nerves and relax our mind with alternative nostril breathing, also known as Nadhi Sodhana.

Tips for a better practice:
- begin seated or lying down
- empty all the air from your lungs
- block your right nostril with your thumb and inhale through your left nostril into your belly
- once full of breath block your left nostril with your index finger
- hold breath for a moment
- release your thumb and exhale through right nostril
- pause before inhaling
- inhale through right nostril, hold breath once finished by blocking with thumb again
- release index finger and exhale through left nostril
- once you have exhaled and inhaled through both nostril you completed one cycle
- use a four count inhale, four count hold and eight count exhale
- always fully inhale and exhale

Deepen your practice by lighting our Calm & Balanced candle. Lavender essential oil is a staple of aromatherapy. Feel more relaxed and content with each breath ready for a good night's sleep.

3.''Quiet moments'' coconut and vanilla scented candle - quiet moments where we are truly connected with our experiences. Ideal for Sunday Morning practice

Silence appeals to the heart. It is calming and restorative, blocking trespassing outer distractions and the unrelenting stream of inner thoughts.
Living in the modern world means constantly being distracted by enteties competing to be heard and seen by you, to earn it's place in your over saturated consciousness.

Yoga Nidra is ideal to achieve inner stillness. This style of yoga will induce your body a deep state of relaxation while keeping your mind alert. Your consciousnesses will be taken to the border between sleeping and waking.

Tips for a better practice
- lay on the floor, face up ( this is Shavasana or corpse pose)
- find the guided meditation ideal for you
- you will be prompted to sense your body and breathing
- this will balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic system
- it will guide you through the 4 main stages of brain wave activity
- the final stage (between wakefulness and sleep) is the most restorative state as cortisol levels are at the lowest level

Reset your mind and bask the silent joy you have achieved.

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