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Sunday morning yoga

benefits of yoga in the morning

Early morning is truly a sacred time. Being awake before the world (or at least household) means you have extra time to set your mind for the day ahead and ensure you make the most of it.

I want to gently encourage you to add a light yoga practice to your morning. Yoga offers many benefits for both body and mind. Starting your practice in the morning means you will consciously decide on your vibe for the day and align yourself towards your goals.

10 minute morning yoga routine for beginners (and more advanced practitioners too!)

Here are 4 easy yoga poses, that help awaken your body. After the night we feel extra stiff. That's perfectly normal, but it's important to respect you body's limitations. 

Benefits of yoga in the morning

This flow is good for both beginners and more advanced yoga practitioners. Sunday morning yoga is meant to be light and relaxing and it's benefits are worth getting up just a little bit earlier:

  • Set the mood for the whole day
  • Align towards your goals
  • Improve digestion, metabolism, blood flow, heart rate and more
  • Stress relieve and dealing with stressful situations during the day.
  • Simply makes us feel good!

How Long to hold yoga poses

Although there isn't one size fit all, for yin yoga to be beneficial I recommend to hold each pose between 1-5 minutes, unless you feel extremely uncomfortable, feel tingling or numbness. This means you either went to far in the pose or the way you practice needs adjustments.

Let's start!

 1) Rag Doll or standing forward fold - bend your knees generously and let your upper body hang over the body. Keep back and neck long. Allow your head to be heavy. You can be still or gently swing side to side.

yoga blog


2) Malasana or yogi squat - keep your spine straight and chest open. Place your elbows between your knees, hands in prayer. Gently push elbows to open up the knees just a bit more.

yoga blog


3) Seated twist - lengthen the spine, and make sure the crown of the head is over with tailbone. Place one hand behind your back and the other on the knee to deepen the twist. Make sure you don't lean on the hand behind your back just barley touch the floor

Yoga bristol


4) Cat & Cow pose - inhale, shift your pelvis back and lift your head. Exhale, tuck your tailbone and lower your head. Repeat 3-10 times . Each cycle remember to synchronise your breath with your body movements.

how long to hold yoga poses

This short Yoga flow can be practised in under 10 minutes but you reap the benefits for the rest of the day. I encourage you to invite Yoga in your daily habits as it is a life changing practice.


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