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Self love yoga for Valentine's Day

February is the month of love. On February 14th, across many countries, couples celebrate their love and relationships. Valentine's day is strongly associated with gifting flowers, balloons, chocolates alongside many funny and naughty gifts, mostly in red and pink colours.

This celebration is actually an ancient ritual, that originates from the pre-Roman festival Lupercalia - a pagan festival for fertility and welcoming Spring. In Great Britain and France, the birds mating season starts in the middle of February. This serves to only emphasise the idea that 14th of February should be the day for celebrating love.

Love is one of the most powerful forces in the world and it should definitely be celebrated! Yes, we should feel love and give love all year round, however having an extra reason to celebrate your relationship, cook a lovely meal, spend a romantic evening together doesn't hurt, right? Personally, I always look for additional incentive to celebrate, because life is just better with this kind of attitude.

The same principle applies for self love. I cannot emphasise enough how important loving yourself is. In fact I believe it's almost impossible to truly love another person if you don't love yourselves first.

We should definitely work on this all year round, but why not treat yourself for Valentine's Day? Here at YR studio we held a 7-day self love challenge (entry is now closed, sign up to our mailing list to be informed about next years' edition) in which a whooping 147 amazing women took part! 

Don't worry if you missed out on the challenge. Self Love & Acceptance Yoga practice was part of the challenge and is still available on our YR Studio YouTube channel- try it yourself alongside some of our natural candles to boost your self love vibes.

Recommended for this practice:

Heart: a Self Love Chakra

Although our Self love Valentine's Day yoga practice is focused on self hugging and simply feeling good in your body, it also showcases a Yin Yoga pose for the Heart Chakra. This, shoulder roll, pose feels amazing in the upper body (especially is you slouch) but also actively opens your chest and heart space.

Anahata chakra is located roughly at the level of the heart and acts as the centre of compassion, empathy, love and forgiveness. 

We are taught growing up to be kind toward others, but somehow we are not taught to do the same towards ourselves! You deserve better than negative  and unforgiving self talk. Work with you heart Chakra to remove stagnant energy and blockages accumulated over the years. 

I hope you will enjoy this practice and find it relaxing and comforting.


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