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Natural Candles to Help You Sleep Well

Natural Candles to Help You Sleep Well

Photo by Gregory Pappas on Unsplash

Getting the essential zzzs you need is not always easy; luckily, there’s some illuminating help at hand.

Who knew sleep could be so much trouble? Sometimes, nodding off can be a real battle, as a million thoughts whir through your head, and you endlessly toss and turn and cannot seem to keep your eyes shut. When you finally succumb to the wisps of sleep, oftentimes staying in the land of nod can be a challenge. Waking up once or several times during the night and staring at the walls and ceiling, unable to get back to sleep, is among the most frustrating experiences — especially when you have a packed work or family schedule, or both, starting early the next day. Then you get up in the morning, having barely slept at all, and you're exhausted, with no energy, and wondering how on earth you're going to get through the tough day ahead.

Insomnia is the modern affliction that affects millions of people around the world each night. In the UK, it's estimated around a third of people suffer from crippling bouts of insomnia — that’s around 22.2 million people.

Whatever the causes of insomnia — it can be physical, if you have an illness or injury, or psychological, such as anxiety or depression — there are things you can do to help you drift off into blissful sleep and get the restorative seven or eight hours adults need. We know candles to help you sleep are one effective remedy we can all use when we're struggling with shut-eye.

Candles to Help Sleep Come Easily

After a busy day, our bodies need to shut down and repair and restore themselves before we're ready for a new day. Sleep is therefore vital for health. Anyone who has had a bad night's sleep knows they can barely function the next day; and after nights of poor sleep, you feel like a zombie. Just like with food and water, we cannot do without sleep, but it's frequently, and frustratingly, elusive. However, natural candles can help get you ready for sleep.

Winding down and getting yourself into a state where you are ready to shut down and sleep is a vital part of the process, and this is where candles with scents such as calming lavender and geranium can help. Simply light one or more in your living space or bedroom and feel yourself relax as you enjoy the wonderful fragrances that help to ease your worries and concerns and get you ready for a good night's sleep.

Calm & Balanced soy candles

So Chill: YR Studio’s Calm & Balanced soy candles will help put you in the mood for a good night’s sleep.

Relaxing the Natural Way

We believe it's important to use natural soy candles as part of the evening de-stress ritual, because unlike other types of candles — particularly those made from paraffin — they won't release elements that may be harmful to you. As a bonus, you get far longer burn times with soy candles, because the melting point is lower than other kinds. They're also environmentally friendly and vegan.

There are lots of other scented candles you can use to help you get ready for sleep. They include the earthy fragrance of sandalwood and the sweet scent of vanilla. You can opt for candles with a blend of all these great scents and more, putting you in the perfect state for a night of magical sleep that you will awake from feeling amazing and ready to take on the challenges of the day.

Scented candles are the ideal way to look after your body, mind and overall health by helping improve your sleeping habits. Just burn a scented soy candle before bedtime and it will help you to drift off.

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