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How to Use Wax Melts

Wax melts add a welcome, hygge feel to your home, and melt your heart.

Filling a room or your entire home with the fragrances you love and setting the mood is a breeze with wax melts. They've become incredibly popular in recent times and come in all sorts of pleasing shapes, from hearts to hexagons, petals, sweets — and just about anything else you can think of. You may have seen them on social media and elsewhere. They add perfect style and ambience to any home.

All you need is a little heat to release the wonderful scents from wax melts and they will linger around rooms for hours to come. Whatever the occasion — a party, dinner, or nothing at all — wax melts instil the home with a warm and welcoming aroma, and turn it into a place people are happy to be in and perhaps never want to leave. They let you create hygge in a stroke, and also mask over any slightly unpleasant, lingering odours, such as from pets like dogs that may live in the house.

What Are Wax Melts?

Wax melts are essentially candles without the wick. They're also known as tarts or cubes, and various scents are added to them during the production process. Wax melts are usually made from either paraffin or soy. You should really always opt for the latter because paraffin is a byproduct of oil and carries health risks when burned — especially indoors. All our wax melts here at YR Studio are made from soy, so they're safe to use and environmentally friendly.


Warm Notes: YR Studio's coconut and vanilla soy wax melts, from the Quiet Moments range.

To use your wax melts, you'll need some kind of warmer. Something like a traditional tea light burner usually used to heat essential oils is perfect, or you may want to opt for a fancier electrical wax melt burner that you can order online. There are many shapes and styles that look great on their own and use a little bulb to generate heat and get the wax melting. So either light your tea lights or plug in your new electrical burner and soon your wax melts will start to soften and melt, releasing their delicious scent into the air.

Why Use Wax Melts?

If you're primarily buying candles for their scent, you may be better off with wax melts. Although they're small, they last a long time — up to five times as long, in some cases and brands. Wax melts can save you lots of money in the long run — particularly as they don't cost as much as candles, some of which can be pricey.


Relaxing Nag Champa natural soy wax melts.

Another important consideration in using wax melts is safety. There's no flame (apart from the tea light, if you're using one, and this will be in an enclosed space in its burner anyway) so no risk of the wax melts toppling over and starting a blaze — something that’s all too common in the home and can, tragically, claim lives as well as destroy property. Plus, if you choose soy wax melts, you’re avoiding the toxic chemicals released from paraffin-based candles, as well as some scented candles whose burning fragrances may be carcinogenic.

Wax melts also give you the option of experimentation. You can add as little or as much as you like to the burner and see if you're satisfied with the scent. Add more to get a deeper fragrance wafting from the burner and around the room. Buy several different scents and try your hand at adding pieces of them to your wax burner so that you get a sublime scent that's uniquely yours. These little bundles of joy can enhance your house, and your mood, making you and everyone feel right at home.

Get your soy wax melts today and find out how you can gently add a whole new level of comfort and relaxation to your living spaces. Order now and enjoy free UK delivery!

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