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How Natural Candles Can Boost Your Relaxation, Yoga and Meditation

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Relax with natural candles and melt into a new world of self-care and bliss.

Having the best downtime or home-yoga experience means getting the environment right, and here at YR Studio, we love the sublime feeling of a quiet, closed-off room with candles spread around it. The slow and steady glow immediately sets the zen tone you're after. The deep-seated stresses of even the most challenging days start to evaporate, carried away from you in wisps and leaving you lighter, more relaxed and ready to enjoy your yoga or meditation practice.

Not that you have to have a mega-mansion with lots of rooms and space to make your own yoga studio. Even the smallest of areas can be dramatically transformed with candles, into an attractive place — or even a meditative sanctuary — where you can keep up your yoga practice and look after your health and wellbeing.

And let's not forget that doing yoga requires practically no equipment, apart from a mat and optional blocks, foam roller and a towel for back stretches. Even if you're on the go and travelling, you can set up your yoga studio in your hotel room, and bring along a candle or two for ambience (or ask the concierge to run out and get you some calming candles for relaxation).

Using Candles to Illuminate Your Meditation and Yoga

The low light from candles and their gently flickering flames make the body instantly relax.  Straight away and as if by magic — or at least as if someone has flipped a switch inside your brain — you feel warm and relaxed. It's almost as if the candle's glow has taken over your body and filled every inch of it with warmth and that fuzzy feeling you were after. It's definitely time for some me-time to meditate or practise yoga.

Soy Good: YR Studio's natural candles are designed to help you chill and relax.

The benefits of using candles for yoga and meditation include an increased focus on what you're doing, allowing you to concentrate on your yoga poses and also for deeper introspection as you calm your mind and explore your thoughts and feelings. Burning candles for meditation purposes can bring mindfulness to a whole new level, as you experience greater calm and overall wellbeing and happiness, truly appreciating your life, those around you and the world.

The meditative aura that candles provide has the effect of improving your mood during and after your practice. It can even help banish bouts of depression and improve the immune system and hormone levels. This all has the effect of slashing stress and making you feel more zen all over — letting you sleep much better, because you're not so worried and stressed, and improving your quality of life.

Indulging in Candles for Relaxation

Yoga and meditation aside, you don't have to be having a romantic evening to have candles burning in your home. You also don't have to feel guilty about having them lit for no particular purpose other than you just love the look of them and the ambience they create. Anything that helps you to feel more relaxed, and happy, is a good thing.

Makes Scents: Cosy & Warm will have you in seventh heaven.

You can choose delicious scents, and blends of your favourite candle smells, to enhance your at-home experience — the more natural, the better. We specialise in soy wax candles, for instance, as they not only burn slower and longer than other types but are cleaner too. This is because they don't contain paraffin, which can cause health issues due to the dangerous particles released during the burning process. Candles are supposed to make you happier and healthier — not the other way around.

So light up, with the right, natural kind, kick back and relax.

All the natural candles you ever wanted are right here at the YR Studio online shop. Browse our extensive range of soy and scented candles — including our popular "Cosy Home" range. Order today and enjoy free UK-wide delivery.

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