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Grounding yoga poses in the forest

grounding yoga poses

What is grounding yoga? 

We do get stuck in our heads too much sometimes. We spend hours overthinking, scrolling through social media, watching movies or in the company of friends and family (in person or through online chats). This leads to a feeling of imbalance because we don’t give enough attention to our body's health instead we focus mainly on our emotions and thoughts.

Grounding yoga brings our focus back to our body and the physical world around us. It’s really important as it helps us live a harmonious, calm life. It uses a set of asanas that are especially beneficial to achieve our goal: to be grounded. 

Here are 4 easy grounding yoga poses inspired by trees. Their branches might reach high, but their roots run deep in the forest floor.  Balancing poses such as tree pose or dancer, need time to truly ground and connect your feet with the earth underneath. Visualise your feet rooting deep.

Let’s begin

1) Standing knee to chest pose - inhale and lift your knee, bend it and wrap your hands below it like on the picture below. Try to stay centred, root with your straight leg and exhale. Repeat on both sides.

grounding yoga practice

2) Dancer pose - this pose might be challenging, but don’t stress over lifting your leg behind the back too high. Raise to a comfortable height, where you will be able to stay a few breaths. Root and connect to the earth with the straight leg. Repeat on both sides.

grounding yoga

3) Warrior 1 - bend your right knee and align your thigh parallel with the ground. Extend the left leg behind, firmly rooting with both feet. Reach up with your arms, over your head and look up (if your neck allows it!)

yoga in forest

4) Tree pose - Yoga in the forest gives us an amazing opportunity to get inspired by the trees. Root with your standing leg and reach high with your arms! Keep your posture tall and strong like a tree trunk and breathe deeply.

yoga in forest

Below you can find some inspirational grounding techniques that are easy to use day to day

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Grounding techniques

 Grounding techniques

  • Take your yoga practice outdoors
  • Practice balancing poses and ground with your feet
  • Cook a meal from root vegetables
  • Hug a tree 💚
  • Use your senses. What you can smell, feel, taste, hear? Use scented candles, drink hot & cold drinks, notice the sounds in your neighbourhood that you normally pay no attention to.

I hope this mini sequence will inspire you to reconnect with your body and the world around you.



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