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Gentle Spring yin yoga sequence

Spring Awakening Gentle Yin Yoga Flow

Spring is a magical season. Mother Nature seems deep asleep, there is definitely more rain than sunshine and on some mornings you will wake up to the enchanted view of frost covered ground and the not so amazing sight of having to defrost your car windows. 

Change is on its way, look closer and you will see. Days are slowly lengthening as, at the end of February, the sun will set after 6 PM. A woodland walk will reveal the first tree buds, green leaves and flowers! Beautiful, delicate Snowdrops and optimistic Daffodils, that resemble miniature suns, are popping everywhere, bringing colour to even the dreariest and muddy of the days.

Beginning of February we celebrate Imbolc - a pagan tradition of welcoming Spring. Astronomically it's the mid-point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Imbolc is a celebration of nature's fertility, new beginnings, optimism and positivism. It is a potent time of the year, a great time to start new projects and plan for the future.

We are getting ready to welcome Spring too. In our markets you can spot first tulips and in the confectionery section chocolate eggs are on display in preparation for Ostara, or in Christian tradition - Easter. Garden centres are filling with people hunting for spades, flower bulbs and seeds that planted in Spring will give us an abundance of colour and nutrition in Summer and early Autumn.

YR Studio Gentle Yoga Sequence

The benefits of yoga ripen both on and off the mat. A mindful walk through the forest can be a yogic experience outside the boundaries of our mats.

Spring is approaching, it's worth to take care of yourself to nourish both mind and body. Following is a gentle yoga flow designed to move your entire body, increase blood flow, energise and make us feel alive! It's time to shake off the Winter dullness.

Watch YR Studio's video for this flow right here

1) Child Pose - we start in child pose, this symbolises beginning. Close your eyes and imagine you are a seed buried deep in the comfort of nourishing soil. Stay in this position for a prolonged period of time, allowing yourself to rest.

2) Shoulder Rolls - awaken with your shoulders. Many of us tend to round our shoulders, especially at work whilst sitting at the office desk or when commuting. This pose will not only feel amazing for your shoulders, it will also help you open up your chest and heart space, ready to welcome new energy! Repeat on both sides, holding each side 2-3 minutes. Remember you can control how intense the stretch is and if at any point  it's too much, gently back off.

3) Cat Pulling it's Tail - this spine twist stimulates your spine while working on your hips too. Relax in the pose for 3-5 minutes on each side. If the top leg is not touching the ground simply use a blanket, yoga block or a book to give it a little support.

4) Dragon - this is our peak pose. We will hold this pose for up to 3 minutes so don't push yourself to the full extension of the pose, but rather ease off and focus on sustainability. Dragon pose will open our hips and groin area thus making it a great way to honour Mother Earth's fertility

5) Bring your knees to your chest and gently rock, self massaging your back, relaxing and feeling the practice throughout your body. End the yin yoga practice with calming Savasana, while focusing on your breath, a vital force to help us experience our true essence.

What are the ways to awaken body and mind for Spring?

  • Practice gently yin yoga flow
  • Go for a nature walk
  • Meditate / connect with your breath
  • Cook nourishing meals full of fresh greens
  • Plan your garden
  • Bring fresh flowers to your home
  • Lit as uplifting candle in honour of the sun
  • Awaken your senses of smell with essential oils

I hope you enjoyed Spring Yin Yoga sequence! To enrich your practice use YR Studio's uplifting candles: "Calm & Balanced" with fresh smell of lavender essential oil or Eucalyptus Mint to open your breathing.


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