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Essential Oil Guide: The Best Candle Scents for Your Home

Essential oils

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Wondering what the best candle scents are? Read our essential oil guide.

Essential oils capture the essence of a plant, giving off wonderful scents that fill a room or entire home and transform its ambience and how you feel. Essential oils have lots of uses — everything from helping people to relax and easing stress to relieving headaches and boosting your mood. Many people use them to get a good night's sleep, so they feel fully refreshed in the morning, and in some parts of the world, essential oils help to keep pesky insects away.

Essential oils don't just come in small bottles that you have to add to an oil burner. They're also available in candles like our range at YR Studio. Scented candles are a two-in-one benefit of candle and essential oils and do away with fiddling around with a burner and making sure you have tea lights. Here's a brief essential oil guide and the best candle scents they're available in.

Your Essential Oil Guide

Before you do anything with essential oils, you need to know they're not like ordinary oils. That's because they're quite volatile and you have to handle them with care. Why? Because essential oils are highly concentrated and incredibly potent. If they're being used to treat a skin condition, for instance, failing to properly dilute essential oils can result in irritation or a burn. And if you have small children around, you'll need to ensure you keep your essential oils locked away and far from little hands.

Depending on the type of essential oils you buy, you may or may not need to add a carrier oil to dilute them and prevent them evaporating quickly — something that happens when the concentrated essential oil is exposed to the air. This carrier can be anything from olive to avocado, almond and other oils. But when you purchase scented candles with essential oils added, all that is done for you and you only need to light the candle.

Best Candle Scents with Essential Oils

There are lots of candle scents with essential oils and it can sometimes be hard to know which is right for you. We say start with something relatively simple and well-known, like a candle containing lavender essential oil. As the scent of calming lavender wafts out from the candle, you will start to destress, relax and feel calm. Lavender candles are great to light in the evening, as they also help you to wind down and get ready for a great night of sleep.

Destress: A YR Studio candle containing lavender essential oil.

Some other best candle scents that feature added essential oils include eucalyptus, which is refreshing and uplifting and great for anywhere in the home as well as a yoga studio. And how about something exotic like a Nag Champa soy candle enriched with essential oils of the kind used in Buddhist and Hindu temples for centuries? It’s the perfect way to shut the world out and give yourself some much-deserved me time as you focus on yourself.

You can also choose essential oils or candles containing peppermint, which helps to raise energy levels and can improve digestion. Then there is sandalwood and its calming fragrance; rose, to make you feel less anxious and boost your mood; tea tree, which can help the immune system; and jasmine, which is also known to help with mood and depression.

If you're new to essential oils in candles, try a few and see how you feel, before settling on fragrances you like. So the next time you relax at home — in the living room, bedroom or bath — light up your favourite candle scents containing essential oils and feel like a whole new you.

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