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Best yoga poses for digestion

Happy 2021! We, at YR studio hope that you had lovely Holidays.

Christmas and NY celebration are great excuses to eat heavy foods and all the party snacks within our reach. Excess is never healthy. Salty, highly processed foods often leave us feeling bloated.

Fear not, thankfully yoga is here to help!

yoga poses for digestion

How to improve digestive system by yoga?

Yoga asanas stimulate our internal organs. Especially beneficial are compressing, twisting and stretching abdominal area. It helps to improve circulation, which leads to improved functionality of our organ and in return - feeling better in our body! 

Best Yoga for digestion

Here are the top 4 yoga poses for digestion. Stay in each pose for 5-10 slow breaths. Make sure key areas of your body like face (especially jaw), shoulders and belly are relaxed to make the most of each pose.

1.Seated twist pose (both sides). Yoga twists and digestion are best friends. The seated twist is a restorative pose with two benefits: promotes good digestion and feels amazing for the spine.

best yoga for digestion


2. Cow face - both sides. An highly effective yoga pose to reduce bloating. This pose is also a beautiful hip opener.

yoga poses for bloating

3. Knee to chest (one at time) - if this isn't an amazing yoga pose for bloating, then I don't know what is. 100% effective :)
how to improve digestive system by yoga

4. The last pose is another glorious twist, helping both with our digestion AND  keeping your spine healthy and mobile. Win - win!
yoga twists and digestion


Thank you for reading and hopefully this has helped you as much as it has helped me. Regardless if you are suffering from indigestion or just indulged a bit too much these 4 Yoga poses will ease your digestive system and assist in your recovery.

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