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Best Scented Candles for Men in 2021

Image by Benjamin Balazs from Pixabay 

More and more discerning guys are discovering the illuminating world of candles for men.

Are candles manly? Of course, they are. If you can't light luscious, scented candles around your home, creating a warm and inviting place that's filled with mood and atmosphere, then you probably can't relax at all — whatever your gender.

While it's certainly the case that many scented candles are marketed towards women, with their feminine packaging and fragrances, a growing number of men have been enjoying the flickering action in recent times, as more candlemakers create candles specifically for men and their tastes.

Does that mean bickering is going to break out between men and their partners over what kinds of scented candles to burn? Will there be quarrels over jasmine versus cedarwood candles, for instance? Hardly. What we're talking about are candles men can use in their own space, when they're free to choose and use what they please. It may be you're working from home and want to light up a scented candle to enhance the workspace mood and perhaps even make you more productive.

You could also light a man candle while having a soak in the tub or pottering around your man cave, if you have one, or reading in your study. Whatever or wherever — there's always time for men to enjoy a candle of their choice.

Great Scents for Your ‘Mandles’

Let's not stereotype and say only women like flowery-type scents such as lavender and geranium in their candles, because many men do too — just ask their partners or spouses (unless they’re just saying that to keep the peace). Both men and women generally love warm and classic favourites like vanilla candles. But sometimes men like a more robust fragrance — something a bit more earthy, woody and potent — especially if they're buying and using candles themselves.

So it's not surprising a whole new and niche candle market has opened up to cater to men's tastes in candle scents. Popular dude candles now include such "manly" aromas and brands as Lager, 5 O'Clock Shadow (jasmine, sandalwood and sugary musk) and Bacon and Bourbon — that's certainly something to sink your teeth into.

The YR Studio “Into the Woods” range is a great one for discerning gentlemen who want to add a dash of candle indulgence to their lives. Our Into the Woods soy candle blends the powerful scents of leaves, fir and agrimony to give you the feeling you're not at home but wandering through an incredible forest full of life, vigour and exuberance.

Into the Woods soy wax candleDaring: The YR Studio Into the Woods soy wax candle is perfect for the discerning gentleman. 

Scented Candles for Men Who Care

You can relax in the knowledge that our soy candles for men are not harmful to the environment, but are entirely eco-friendly, including recyclable packaging. Animals are also spared in the creation of our candles, as they're 100% vegan. Our candles are also made in the UK — hand-poured in Somerset — so we know exactly what goes into them.

As a bonus for doing your part for animals and the environment while enjoying our products, our soy wax candles burn much longer than other types, such as paraffin. So you get lots more burn-time for your money — and they don’t give off any nasty elements that could be harmful to your health.

Other great candles for men include wholesome "Evergreen Essence", refreshing Eucalyptus Mint, intense Nag Champa— or just a simple candle with no scent whatsoever.

The wise man knows he has to take care of his physical and mental health. In today's hectic world, heaped with work, family and other pressures, having some much-needed downtime to de-stress, relax and find your zen is incredibly important. Lighting up some fragrant candles for men could be one of the best things you do for yourself.

Get incredible scented candles for men by browsing our expansive range of ethical soy wax candles. Order online now and enjoy free delivery around the UK!

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