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Best Autumn Candles for a Cosy Home in 2021

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These are some of the best autumn candles to prepare you for the season and beyond.

As the days begin to get shorter and the temperature gradually drops, you know you'll be spending a lot more time indoors. Some people love the transition from summer to autumn, while others wish there could be warm and carefree days every day of the year.

There's nothing we can do about the changes in the seasons, though, and the best approach is to prepare a warm and cosy home you'll love to spend time in, whatever the weather.

One of the best ways of going about that task is to place wonderful autumn candles in various places around the rooms you spend the most time in. Their inviting flames and delicious scents will make any evening at home during autumn a real joy, whether it's just you or you've invited friends or family around for dinner or drinks.

Here are some of the best autumn candles you can buy this year to brighten up your home and make it a great place to be.

Best Autumn Candles for Your Home

Why have a plain, scent-free candle when you can have one that entirely encapsulates the woody season of autumn, giving you the flavours and scents of this time of year right in your home — with a treat or two packed in for added joy. That's why here at YR Studio, we created our delicious Toffee Vanilla soy candle as part of our Hello Autumn range — to light up the season with a mouth-watering artisan candle you'll be tempted to devour.

When it's dark and dreary outside and the rain is pouring down and you can't go out, simply light this gorgeous candle and straight away you'll get the scent of toffee pudding that will instantly make you feel good. With its baked caramel toffee, spice, date and vanilla notes, this is one autumn candle for your home that has hygge written all over it.

"Hello Autumn" Toffee Vanilla soy candle

A Real Treat: The YR Studio Toffee Vanilla soy candle you can sink your teeth into.

As autumn is a cheeky time for trick or treating, during which the cherished pumpkin plays a mighty role, how about a candle on this theme to celebrate the season? We've blended pumpkin with earthy cinnamon and nutmeg into a brilliant candle you can use before, during and well after Halloween. It's enriched with nutmeg essential oil for extra benefit and a big bliss boost.

 Cinnamon Pumpkin scented soy candle

Cut It Out! Scare away the autumn blues with this Pumpkin Spice scented soy candle, a devilish blend of pumpkin and spices.

It's getting colder out there and it's time to put on more clothes and cosy up to the crackling fire on a crisp autumn night. But you won't want to get so comfortable you nod off and ruin the lovely evening you have planned. That's why if you're lighting some candles to create a special place, you might want to opt for something refreshing as well as autumnal — like candles that contain the scents of orange and sandalwood, for instance.


sweater weather candles with scent of cranberry marmalade

Wrapping Up: An autumnal mix of cranberry marmalade and orange part of our seasonal Sweater Weather range.

These are some of the best autumn candles you can buy and spread around your house this year. Others to consider, include cinnamon pumpkin, for a deliciously seasonal fragrance; pine, which will also put you in the mood for the upcoming holiday period; and a 300 cl large luxury candle for extra illumination when you turn the lights down and settle in for a cosy night to remember.

Our Autumn 2021 candles are available for order now. They’re all soy-based, eco-friendly and 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Browse our exciting range and order some for your home today — and enjoy free delivery around the UK!

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