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Guide to Best Autumn Scented Candles 2021


As we approach the highly anticipated launch date of YR Studio's Autumn 2021 Collection, we invite you behind the scenes to have an exclusive look at what you can expect this year. 

Autumn 2021 collection goes live on the 31st of July 2021

What's new?

The Autumn Collection gets bigger and better with each passing year. This year it includes:

  • 3 brand new delightful candles
  • 2 updated and improved blends
  • 2 returning fragrances that you already know, love and are impatiently waiting for
  • all autumn scents will be available as tealights and wax melts
  • seasonal wall art decoration
  • fluffiest alpaca socks you have ever tried
  • new luxury, frosted candle jar that holds 300 ml, our biggest and best candle yet
  • hand stitched luxury gift boxes  

    What to expect from YR Studio products

    As a candle company based in Somerset we make a big deal about the quality of our products and UK sourced ingredients. Hand poured using the best soy wax available on the market, not only does it burn cleaner and longer than paraffin, it is also sustainable and renewable. 

    We are very proud of our fragrance oils. Do you know they are exclusively produced for us in UK? A mix of top shelf perfume and essential oils that creates unforgettable scents you will love. 

    The essence of each candle is expressed through their given name. We love Autumn and believe it's all about cosy, slow living with heart-warming moments and treats.  These feelings manifest through our candles. They are designed to bring warmth and a comforting ambience to your home. All your amazing social media tags are proof of their success.This year we asked you to help us name one of our Autumnal scents. Over 1000 people voted "Farmhouse" as the best fitting name. How exciting!

    Without any further delays here is your sneak peak at our Autumn 2021 Collection. We would love to know which scents are your favourite? Leave a comment below!




    Autumn Candles 2021  

    1. Pumpkin Spice. Let's start with the real hero of an Autumn collection. Pumpkin Spice is one of our most loved candles. You wouldn't believe the amount of pumpkin candles we go through! Since you all know and love Pumpkin Spice, we are simply bringing it back without any changes to its formula.  
    2. Cinnamon Pumpkin. We missed you! Cinnamon Pumpkin - alongside Pumpkin Spice, remains the same as last year. We decided that this buttery pumpkin smell with notes of cinnamon is perfect as is. Super excited to bring it back to the shop this Fall.
    3. Hello Autumn. Another YR Studio hit candle that everyone loves. This year is even better! We dedicated a good few months for scent testing, until we settled on a perfect combination of brown sugar, vanilla and spices that smells like freshly baked Crème brûlée. It's one of the most beautiful scents in the shop, that will literally fill you room with its sweet, comforting fragrance. 
    4. Sweater Weather. Many of you will remember this candle from last year. This scent received the biggest makeover. Since last year we have been working with an UK fragrance manufacturer. This really widened the possibilities of what we can offer! The candle smells of home-made cranberry marmalade with hints of orange - perfect to warm you up and invigorate you during Autumn and Winter evenings.
    5. "Busy Being Cosy". Yes, you read it right - this is one of the brand new candles for 2021 and it has the most adorable and instagramable name! Adriana used it as a joke one evening while lighting a candle. After it occurred to her that it would be a fantastic statement to go on a candle. The scent is fabulous and mysterious: pine needles & cedar, finished with candle-floss sweet/raisin-like fragrance. Set the atmosphere for an enchanting night in.
    6. "Farmhouse". The very candle created with you! A comforting aroma of sweet almonds mixed with vanilla, finished with a crisp apple note creates an unforgettable scent, reminiscent of home-baked goodies and delicious jams.
    7. Apple Pumpkin Cider. Code: orange, I repeat - code: orange! New pumpkin candle is coming to YR studio this Autumn. You can never have too many pumpkins during Autumn. For this candle we had a bit of local inspiration from the iconic Somerset cider industry. Lovely apple aroma mixed with pumpkin and Fall spices will warm up many cold and dark nights.

    New Container

    Each autumn candle will come in your beloved amber jar with its soothing, golden glow. We are also extremely proud to be offering you a bigger and more luxurious version. A beautiful frosted white glass with wooden lid and individual box that will look beautiful in every home. With +50 hrs of burning time it will illuminate your home and fill the space with delightful fragrances.

    Wax melts and tea lights 

    We heard your feedback last year. All Autumn fragrances are available as both wax melts and tea lights! The tealight pack will be upgraded to a hand-stitched box, made in the  UK, that holds 12 regular sized tealights. We are super proud of their amazing quality. You can recycle it or keep the box as small storage space for cards or jewellery. Wax melts are, as always, packed with fragrance and a great alternative to candles and tea lights.

    Gift Boxes

    We are adding more autumn themed gift boxes and brand new luxury, hand stitched gift boxes. You can now easily share the joy of beautifully scented Autumn candles with your friends and family.

    Simply visit our gift section where you can find a selection of Autumnal gift boxes filled with our very best candles.

    Autumn Wall Art 

    In our pursuit of all things cosy, we are also improving our Wall Art offer with more seasonal prints. Printed on premium matte paper with high quality ink, we are certain they will enrich your interior home decor and complement your Autumn experience. 

    We hope you enjoyed reading about our Autumn Collection and are as excited as we are for all the new products and returning favourites this year. If you love showcasing your beautiful homes on social media, don't forget to tag us or use hashtag #busybeingcosy and get featured on our Socials.

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    • Even reading this email about your Autumn candles has made me feel cosy! Thank you and can’t wait to try the new scents.


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