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3 Ways To Alleviate The Stress Of The World Reopening

Candlelight meditation at night

With restrictions easing and the world seeming to return to some sense of normality, the air is filled with mixed emotions. Some of us feel the excited anticipation of seeing our loved ones again and holding them in our arms. But many of us may not feel the rush of happiness that we feel we should during this unusual transition. We’ve spent the past 12-18 months adjusting, readjusting and then further adapting our lives. And now we’re in a position where we need to find ways to manage feelings of anxiety and re-enter the world in a calm, relaxed manner. So, here are our tips.

  1. Don’t Feel the Need to Rush

Our world has been flipped upside down and we’ve been living in a state of heightened stress for the past year or so. It took time to try and settle into that new type of normal and now we’re being asked to do the same thing again. These things take time so don’t expect to feel right straight away. Feel free to say no to social events. Plan your calendar with days in and days off to manage the emotions you’re feeling. There’s never a need to rush - take things at your own pace.

  1. Include Relaxation in Your Routine

Pre-lockdown, we were used to a world where being on the go and constantly busy was normal. Our calendars were packed out, we hardly had a moment to breathe and we struggled to find time to sit down, let alone meditate or be mindful. In the past year, we’ve been forced to slow down. Instead of being physically busy, we became emotionally stressed out. And, as such, we began to incorporate mental health measures to keep these stress levels at a balanced point. It’s important to keep this part of your daily structure in your routine - especially as we begin to step out into the world again.

  1. Use Exercise to Ground Your Thoughts

More and more of us took up exercise during the lockdown period. Whether it was in a bid to lose weight, create structure in our day or get out of our own heads, we became a nation of homeworker-outters. Exercise has a host of benefits for our mental health as well as our physical. And, as we begin to feel that rush of anxiety related to the world opening up again, we must keep this in place going forward. Choose something you love, whether it’s weight training or yoga. Light your favourite natural candles or prep a bath full of your prized bath salts as a post-workout reward. Whatever it takes to keep your body moving and the good endorphins flowing.

YR Studio has long been passionate about the need to help our customers relax. And, as we enter this new world, we’re continuing this drive. From our hand-poured artisanal candles through to restorative bath products and cold-press soaps, we help you craft a relaxing routine that works for you.

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