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Budget Friendly Cosy Home Decor Ideas

Budget Friendly Cosy Home Decor Ideas

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Spring is here, and it's time to refresh our homes for the warmer days and the coming Summer. If you know me, you know I love neutral, earthy tones because I think they make us feel calm and relaxed (in opposition to stimulating colours like red or purple). Coziness is a very personal thing, and everyone is entitled to their own version of it, but if, like me, you love calm, neutral colours, this post is for you! I hope it will help you add some budget-friendly hygge to your house in the coming months.

Our "Cosy Cottage" Magnolia & Cherry candle will be the perfect addition to your home to create this cosy, Hygge feeling in Summer. A sweet and fruity scent will make you dream of balmy evenings, while the rustic jar will add a cottage-style charm to your home decor.

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